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opposition acuses Fisheries Minister of damaging image over wha

24 June 2005, 15:13 AEST

A Solomon Islands opposition spokesperson says his country's support for Japan at the International Whaling Commission was a slap in the face for the country's regional and international partners.

Pacific whale votes won't affect Australian aid

24 June 2005, 14:30 AEST

Australia says the votes in favour of whaling by Pacific island states won't affect aid allocations.

Police Commissioner concerned at treatment of Ridgway

24 June 2005, 12:14 AEST

Fiji's Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes says he was very concerned about the way former Deputy Public Prosecutor Peter Ridgway was treated.

Former public prosecutor blasts government

24 June 2005, 11:01 AEST

Fiji's former deputy public prosecutor has accused the government of having people found guilty over their actions during the 2000 coup released from prison.

Interest growing in national Trust Funds

24 June 2005, 11:01 AEST

Despite some high profile disasters, there is growing interest among Pacific Island Governments in establishing trust funds, to produce a steady non-aid dependent income stream.

Government moves to prohibit stranger adoption

24 June 2005, 11:01 AEST

Adoption laws in Samoa look set to change, with amendments coming before Samoa's parliament on Friday.

Japan defends IWC voting of Pacific nations

23 June 2005, 15:12 AEST

Japan has been dealt another blow in its attempts to increase its scientific cull of whales, with the International Whaling Commission carrying a resolution condemning its research program.

Oil Search record return to shareholders

23 June 2005, 10:45 AEST

Papua New Guinea's biggest company, Oil Search, is one of the stars of the Australian stock exchange for 2004, recording the second highest total shareholder return.

Concern over Japan Imperial visit

23 June 2005, 10:45 AEST

Next week's scheduled visit to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands by the Emperor of Japan and his reclusive Empress, is big news in both countries.

NZ criticises pro-whaling Pacific countries

23 June 2005, 10:45 AEST

New Zealand has criticised the role of Solomon islands, Kiribati and Tuvalu in supporting Japan's pro-whaling stance at the international Whaling Commission meeting in South Korea.

Former army chiefs condemn government

22 June 2005, 16:13 AEST

In Fiji, two former army chiefs have accused the government of compromising the position of the president by urging him to discipline the current military commander.

NZ angry at Pacific whaling stance

22 June 2005, 15:34 AEST

New Zealand has criticised the role of Solomon islands, Kiribati and Tuvalu in supporting Japan's pro-whaling stance at the international Whaling Commission meeting in South Korea.

PM defends son's Power Board appointment

22 June 2005, 15:34 AEST

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, has defended his son's appointment to the PNG Power Board.

Anti-whaling lobby secures IWC win

22 June 2005, 15:34 AEST

It's taken months of lobbying, but finally last night, anti-whaling countries secured the vote they wanted.

Immigration officials conciliatory over bungle

22 June 2005, 15:34 AEST

Fiji immigration officials appear to want to "take tea" with former deputy director prosecutions Peter Ridgway to solve a festering dispute.

Island states could hold key to whale vote

22 June 2005, 13:04 AEST

The role of Pacific island states in deciding the fate of an international moratorium on whaling has been highlighted at a meeting of the International Whaling Commission in South Korea.

McKinnon congratulates new government

22 June 2005, 12:02 AEST

The newly autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville is likely to receive assistance in developing its economy from the Commonwealth.

Leaders call for expanded social role

22 June 2005, 12:02 AEST

Traditional leaders in Palau have urged the government to look at expanding their role in society, so that they may have a direct involvement in governance and other policy issues.

Chamber of commerce supports tariffs

22 June 2005, 12:02 AEST

The Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry says it doesn't support a government ban on Fiji's Cabin Biscuits, a ban which has sparked a war of words between the two countries.

President keen to examine mining future

22 June 2005, 12:02 AEST

The autonomous administration of Bougainville says it plans to take immediate steps on the future of the controversial Panguna copper mine.

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