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PSA says it could stage another national strike

26 May 2006, 14:11 AEST

Tonga's Public Service Association meets later tonight to finalise its demands for a new government structure.

Report claims whale population down in numbers

26 May 2006, 11:24 AEST

With the International Whaling Commission set to meet in just over a fortnight, a new report has raised fresh concerns about Japan's so-called scientific research.

PNG assures visitors their security will be paramount

26 May 2006, 11:24 AEST

Papua New Guinea's minister of Foreign affairs has assured participants of next week's ACP-EU meeting security will be tight for their stay in PNG.

Businesses welcome consultation on tax

26 May 2006, 11:24 AEST

Tonga's business community has welcomed the government's decision to ask for public input into proposed changes to the tax system.

Government steps in to stop US war relic export

26 May 2006, 11:24 AEST

Almost sixty years have passed since an American bomber was gunned down by Japanese artillery in PNG's East New Britain Province, as it attempted to make its way to the Australian city of Townsville.

2007 Games organisers still awaiting international go-ahead

26 May 2006, 11:24 AEST

The Chief of Samoa's 2007 Pacific Games Association, Fonoti Ioane Etuale, has revealed preparations for the Games are not on track.

Constitutional wrangle over opposition leader appointment

25 May 2006, 15:46 AEST

With portfolios in the new multi-party cabinet now assigned, attention in Fiji is now focussing on who will be the next leader of the country's opposition.

Australia decides not to grant Papua man asylum visa

25 May 2006, 15:46 AEST

The Australian Government has ruled on the future of the last of the 43 Papuans who claimed asylum in Australia earlier this year, and it has decided NOT to give him a temporary protection visa.

Former Labour deputy PM explains move to SDL

25 May 2006, 9:06 AEST

One of the unfinished stories from the Fiji general election was the decision by prominent politician and academic Tupeni Baba to run as a candidate with the SDL Party.

Authorities address lifestyle diseases among students

25 May 2006, 9:06 AEST

Health and Education authorities in Guam are working together in a project aimed at addressing the lifestyle diseases of students.

Australia reveals how e-mail created diplomatic incident

25 May 2006, 9:06 AEST

Australia's Federal Finance Department has revealed how it quickly removed one of its staff members from Solomon Islands for his own safety, after he wrote an inflammatory e-mail highly critical of the three Prime Ministerial candidates.

Labour MPs take oath to serve in multi-party cabinet

24 May 2006, 15:21 AEST

It has been an historic day in Fiji, with nine Labour Party members taking their oath of office as members of Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase's cabinet.

Regional leaders gather for tri-annual summit with Japan

24 May 2006, 14:45 AEST

Regional leaders are gathering in Japan at the moment ahead of the official start of the triennial Pacific Island Leaders Meeting, or PALM.

EU mission gives poll thumbs up - with some reservations

24 May 2006, 8:44 AEST

The European Union Election Observations Mission to Fiji is returning to Brussels this weekend, saying it is satisfied with the country's recent national poll.

Da Vinci Code banned for being 'anti-Christian'

24 May 2006, 8:44 AEST

Samoa's principal censor has banned the film adaptation of Dan Brown's bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code.

Air Nauru moves ahead with downsize in a bid to survive

23 May 2006, 15:32 AEST

Nauru's national airline, Air Nauru, is having to downsize its operation after failing to find a replacement for the aircraft reposssed by the Ex-Im bank in December last year.

Indonesian intelligence sent to find asylum-seeker's mother

23 May 2006, 15:32 AEST

Papua New Guinea police have intercepted three men apparently dispatched by the Indonesian government to locate a Papuan woman in hiding in PNG.

Nine Labour ministers to be sworn-in on Wednesday

23 May 2006, 15:32 AEST

The Fiji Labour Party has backed away from plans not to accept cabinet positions it was offered over the weekend.

Regional police pleased with their contribution to RAMSI

23 May 2006, 15:32 AEST

The contribution of Pacific police to the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon islands, RAMSI, is going to benefit regional police work for years to come, according to two of the region's police force commanders.

Labour Party opts not to attend cabinet swearing-in ceremony

23 May 2006, 8:47 AEST

Fiji's opposition Labour Party has decided not to attend today's swearing-in of members of Cabinet.

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