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PNG govt and business representatives meet

20 March 2007, 11:14 AEDT

Cairns in Far North Queensland is currently hosting the 23rd Annual Australia, Papua New Guinea Business Forum.

Adaption to Climate Change could prevent huge costs

20 March 2007, 11:14 AEDT

Pacific Island nations could save hundreds of millions of dollars by investing in measures to protect their economies and infrastructure from global warming linked disasters, such as cyclones.

PM accepts new Australian High Commissioner

19 March 2007, 17:23 AEDT

The strained relations between Solomon Islands and Australia has improved today with the acceptance of the new Australian High Commissioner, Peter Hooton.

Nauru wants Sri Lankans off island in six months

19 March 2007, 17:23 AEDT

The Australian government is facing potential opposition from Nauru over its latest immigration decision.

A state of emergency declared

19 March 2007, 17:23 AEDT

Marshall Islands' government has declared a state of emergency.

Moti Inquiry report handed over to PM's office

19 March 2007, 12:13 AEDT

Last October, Australia's diplomatic relationship with Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands nose dived when wanted Australian lawyer Julian Moti was secretly flown to the Solomons on board a PNG military plane.

Bougainville becoming more confident about elections

19 March 2007, 12:13 AEDT

Authorities in Bougainville say they are more confident about their preparation for the PNG general elections after being told that debts to election service providers will be settled.

Economy in crisis

19 March 2007, 12:13 AEDT

Guam's economy has taken another hit.

Pacific Island Forum Foreign Ministers meet

16 March 2007, 17:12 AEDT

The Pacific Islands Forum Foreign Minister's Meeting on Fiji is coming to an end in Vanuatu.

Foreign Ministers of the Pacific Islands' Forum meet

16 March 2007, 17:12 AEDT

It's nearly four months since the government of Fiji was thrown out in the country's fourth coup in just over 20 years.

Foreign Ministers meeting wraps up

16 March 2007, 17:12 AEDT

The South Pacifc Forum's Foreign Ministers meeting has now wrapped up in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Australia should not be blamed for travel warning

16 March 2007, 17:12 AEDT

Transparency Solomon Islands says the Australian government has the right to advise its citizens against travelling to Solomon Islands if it feels there's a security risk.

One day a week of water rations could be introduced

16 March 2007, 17:12 AEDT

Melbourne which is home to Radio Australia seems to have a lot in common with Majuro in Marshall Islands.

Public servants vote on national strike

16 March 2007, 17:12 AEDT

Fiji public servants are voting today on whether to stage a national strike.

Claims its the Sheriff of the Pacific

16 March 2007, 17:12 AEDT

Australia has again been branded the "sheriff" of the Pacific this time at a hearing in Washington.

Internet forum taken down over racism concerns

16 March 2007, 12:14 AEDT

A popular internet discussion forum in Fiji has been taken down.

Life sentences for Brother Sado's murder

16 March 2007, 12:03 AEDT

Solomon Islands High Court this morning sentenced five men responsible for the brutal murder of Brother Nathaniel Sado of the Melanesian Brotherhood to life imprisonment.

WHO launches mental health network

15 March 2007, 17:53 AEDT

The World Health Organisation has launched a new Pacific network to help address mental health issues in the region.

Australian organisation steps up fight against malaria

15 March 2007, 17:48 AEDT

Life-saving "anti-malaria" bed nets are being delivered to thousands of people in the remote Western Province of Papua New Guinea, in a major effort to control the disease.

Australia to send 82 asylum seekers

15 March 2007, 17:48 AEDT

The 82 Sri Lankan asylum seekers in detention on the Australian Territory of Christmas Island, north west of Perth are to be sent to Nauru.

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