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Sporadic violence marks preliminary election announcement

5 April 2006, 8:21 AEST

At least six people have been arrested in Samoa as a result of a series of violent incidents, following the announcement of preliminary election results at the weekend.

Observers in place as national poll kicks off

5 April 2006, 8:21 AEST

The people of the Solomon Islands are voting today in the first election since the arrival of the Regional Assistance Mission, RAMSI.

Son of Indo-Fijian migrants to become GG

5 April 2006, 8:21 AEST

There's been a favourable reaction in New Zealand to the appointment of the country's new Governor-General.

Australia-China free trade deal to affect garment industry

4 April 2006, 14:24 AEST

Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao, arrives in Fiji this afternoon for a summit with leaders and ministers from the eight Pacific Island nations that recognise his country, and not Taiwan.

Legal challenge to RAMSI dismissed

4 April 2006, 14:24 AEST

A court case challenging the legality of the Regional Assistance Mission in Solomon Islands has been dismissed by the country's Chief Justice.

Fears public service strike could disrupt poll

4 April 2006, 8:40 AEST

Some public servants in Solomon Islands are angry at Australian officials in the Solomon Islands Department of Treasury and Finance, claiming the Australians are holding up a public service pay increase.

Police investigate journalist intimidation claim

4 April 2006, 8:40 AEST

In Vanuatu, a row over police actions against the staff of a newspaper has led to an investigation and the recommendation that a police officer be suspended.

PNG minister warns against violating mining moratorium

4 April 2006, 8:40 AEST

Leaders in Bougainville have reacted cautiously to a warning by PNG's mining minister that they risk undermining efforts to lift a mining moratorium on the island, by ignoring national mining guidelines.

Olympic Committee welcomed into international family

4 April 2006, 8:40 AEST

Marshall Islands has taken its place at a gathering of international sports delegates in South Korea.

Cost of living an issue for new government

4 April 2006, 8:40 AEST

Now that the dust is beginning to settle on the 2006 Samoa general elections, political observers have turned their attention to directions the new government may take.

Maori enrolment campaign raises opposition ire

4 April 2006, 8:40 AEST

New Zealand's Opposition National Party has accused the Clark Government of state-sanctioned separatism over a a new electoral enrolment campaign aimed at Maori.

Final results of general election still pending

3 April 2006, 14:58 AEST

For Samoa's voters, it's all over for another five years.

Public attention focusses on first poll since RAMSI

3 April 2006, 12:10 AEST

Solomon Islanders will vote on Wednesday in the first national election since the Australian led intervention by the Regional Assistance Mission, RAMSI, in mid 2003.

Ruling HRPP strengthens its position in poll

3 April 2006, 12:10 AEST

Provisional results from Samoa's general election are suggesting the ruling Human Rights Protection Party has been returned to power, with a massive 32 seats in parliament.

Giant geological surveys to provide information for mining ventur

3 April 2006, 12:10 AEST

Papua New Guinea has launched two huge new geological surveys which, it hopes, will provide the information to spark a whole new generation of mining and resource development.

Phantom ship involved in high-sea collision

3 April 2006, 12:10 AEST

In Kiribati, a story is making news which appears to be stranger than fiction.

King confirms appointment of Catholic commoner as PM

3 April 2006, 12:10 AEST

Tonga's acting prime minister is no longer acting.

Army won't rule out future military 'exercises' in Suva

31 March 2006, 14:27 AEDT

Fiji's elections are set to go ahead from the 6th of May, after a legal challenge from the opposition Labour Party was thrown out.

Australian Sports Commission supports provincial games

31 March 2006, 11:49 AEDT

Australia's peak sports administration body is behind a plan to fund a series of provincial games throughout Solomon Islands.

World Bank positive on PNG and Pacific economies

31 March 2006, 11:49 AEDT

The Papua New Guinea government has won praise from the World Bank for its handling of windfall gains from recent high oil and commodity prices.

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