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Authorities to deport Asian businessmen

24 August 2005, 13:19 AEST

Authorities in Bougainville have warned Asian businessmen operating illegally on the island to leave voluntarily or be forced out.

Australian politicians call for political reform

24 August 2005, 13:19 AEST

Australia is to assist the process of mediation between the Tongan government and striking public servants.

Sport officials consider Melanesian Games

23 August 2005, 15:18 AEST

On Thursday, Papua New Guinea's sports chiefs will hear a proposal for a new multi-sports event, to be called the Melanesian Games.

Royal residence burns as strike continues

23 August 2005, 15:18 AEST

The Tongan government has confirmed that one of the King's residences on the main island of Tongatapu has ben burned down, in what's been described as an arson attack.

Union-Air Vanuatu negotiations collapse

23 August 2005, 15:18 AEST

As we go to air this afternoon, negotiations between the National Workers Union and Air Vanuatu have broken down.

NZ ready to assist in strike deadlock

23 August 2005, 11:49 AEST

New Zealand Foreign Minister Phil Goff says a demonstration outside the Auckland home Tonga's king is continuing.

Health authorities move to reduce bird flu risk

23 August 2005, 11:49 AEST

Health authorities in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands are introducing measures to address any challenge which would arise if an outbreak of bird flu were to occur.

NZ Minister says royals could learn from Windsors

23 August 2005, 11:49 AEST

New Zealand's Minister of State and associate minister of Pacific island Affairs, Taito Philip Field, says Tonga could look at the British monarchy as a possible example of political evolution.

Australia confident of re-starting ECP aid program

23 August 2005, 11:48 AEST

When more than a hundred Australian police were pulled out of Papua New Guinea in May, there were fears the $A800 million aid program that put them there was effectively dead.

MSG summit a 'success' in spite of trade war

23 August 2005, 11:48 AEST

The government of Papua New Guinea has declared the recent Melanesian Spearhead group summit in the country's Eastern Highlands province a total success.

Maori rights at centre-stage of campaign

22 August 2005, 15:19 AEST

In New Zealand, the official election campaigning began in earnest this week and party leaders are already clogging up the airwaves.

Downer and Namaliu restart ECP dialogue

22 August 2005, 15:19 AEST

Australia's foreign minister says he believes the multi million dollar Enchanced Cooperation Program can be salvaged.

Strike unrest spills over into NZ

22 August 2005, 15:19 AEST

There's concern in New Zealand about the impact of Tonga's internal politics.

Immigration directors to discuss border control

22 August 2005, 12:08 AEST

The ongoing issues of border control and security in the region will be top of the agenda at this month's Pacific Immigration Directors Conference.

Ongoing power problems extend state of emergency

22 August 2005, 12:08 AEST

Continuing problems with electricity supply in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands have forced the authorities in Saipan to extend an emergency declaration for another 30 days.

HIV-Aids no obstacle to pregnant women

22 August 2005, 12:08 AEST

With HIV-Aids still on the rise in the Pacific, some HIV-positive women are asking whether they can have babies.

Indigenous outcry over traditional law

22 August 2005, 12:08 AEST

Indigenous women are demanding changes to the laws of Australia's Northern Territory, after a 55-year-old Aboriginal elder was given a one-month jail term for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

Central Bank wants public to empty its pockets

22 August 2005, 12:08 AEST

It seems that Solomon Islanders like to hear the jingle of coins in their pockets - to the tune of SI$7 million.

Somare rejects Melanesian 'failed state' label

19 August 2005, 14:14 AEST

A two day leaders' summit is the final item on the agenda at the Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting, which is taking place at Goroka in Papua New Guinea.

Islanders consulted on Captain Cook exhibition

19 August 2005, 12:27 AEST

Captain James Cook is something of a controversial figure.

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