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Lost world of environmental riches now found

9 February 2006, 11:42 AEDT

Paradise, it seems, could be closer than we thought.

Arson feared in palm oil headquarters fire

9 February 2006, 11:42 AEDT

The newly built office that was to be the headquarters for the rehabilitated Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Estate in Solomon Islands has been burnt down.

Locals welcome hosting of World Hindi Conference

9 February 2006, 11:42 AEDT

Fiji could be hosting an international conference on the Hindi language worldwide at the end of the year or early next year.

Disgraced speaker stripped of noble title

9 February 2006, 10:51 AEDT

Tonga's parliamentary speaker, Veikune, has been stripped of his noble title as well as his seat in parliament, after being found guilty of bribery and evasion of customs duty.

Police unable to prosecute deported ex servicemen

8 February 2006, 14:51 AEDT

Eleven of the 12 Fijian nationals detained on immigration charges in Solomon Islands earlier this week have now been deported to Fiji.

Former Congressman wants clarity on Abramoff affair

8 February 2006, 13:22 AEDT

One of the United States' biggest political scandals in recent years is starting to take on a very Pacific flavour, with the fall-out from the Abramoff scandal now hitting the remote US territory of Guam.

Muslims upset at cartoons of prophet Mohammed

8 February 2006, 13:22 AEDT

Fiji's Muslim community is upset about a local newspaper reprinting controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Former Congressman angered by Abramoff revelations

8 February 2006, 13:22 AEDT

American investigators examining one of the largest political scandals to face the US Republican Party in recent years are now turning their attention to the Pacific.

Decline of rural aid outposts a growing concern

8 February 2006, 13:22 AEDT

Managing Papua New Guinea's fragmented and diverse population presents huge challenges - and providing adequate health care is no exception.

New MP promises to strengthen peace process

8 February 2006, 13:22 AEDT

The newly elected regional representative for Bougainville in the Papua New Guinea parliament has promised to work with other Bougainville leaders to support and continue with the peace process.

Reports one of 12 Fiji ex-serviceman has escaped

7 February 2006, 15:42 AEDT

Efforts to deport all of the twelve Fijian nationals has hit a snag, with reports one of them escaped last night while in the custody of police.

International communications cable fails again

7 February 2006, 15:21 AEDT

Papua New Guinea is again facing communications problems after the failure of the ageing submarine cable between PNG and Australia.

Fiji minister 'embarrassed' by deportations

7 February 2006, 15:21 AEDT

Fiji's Foreign Minister Kaliopate Tavola has described the deportation of 12 ex Fiji-soldiers from Solomon Islands over immigration charges as highly embarrassing.

Samoan editor takes on new market

7 February 2006, 11:10 AEDT

The Samoa Observer Group of newspapers has added the American Samoan Tribune to its list of mastheads.

Auditor-general to take over state-owned enterprises

7 February 2006, 11:10 AEDT

Fiji's 17 state-owned enterprises - known by the acronym Soe - are to come under the supervision of the auditor-general.

Joint venture to shed some light on coasts

7 February 2006, 11:10 AEDT

Let there be light - and light there was, in some of the most perilous parts of Papua New Guinea's coastal and maritime provinces.

Fijians detained by immigration in Honiara

6 February 2006, 16:03 AEDT

In Solomon Islands, the Immigration Department has detained 12 Fiji nationals believed to be linked to a group of former Fiji ex servicemen now on the island of Bougainville.

Minister, diplomat, statesman calls it quits

6 February 2006, 15:54 AEDT

Fiji's Foreign Affairs Minister Kaliopate Tavola will bring his 30-year career as an economist, public servant and politician to an end at this year's elections.

Newspaper publishes controversial cartoons of Mohammed

6 February 2006, 15:48 AEDT

A Fiji newspaper has published some of the cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed which have led to demonstrations, embassy burnings and diplomatic retaliation involving European and Middle East countries.

Public service corruption crackdown to continue

6 February 2006, 11:23 AEDT

Recent disciplinary actions against public servants in Fiji have received a lot of publicity - and according the head of the country's Public Service Commission, that's not a problem.

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