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NFP wants suggested Fiji election changes implemented

Updated 16 April 2015, 17:32 AEST

Fiji's Elections Office has responded positively to the recommendations made by the Multinational Observer Group which monitored last year's election.

Guam Health Dept refuses to issue marriage licences for same-sex couples

Updated 16 April 2015, 17:33 AEST

Guam's Public Health Department says it won't be issuing marriage licences to same-sex couples, despite being ordered to do so by the territory's Attorney General.

Mixed response to tourism in Vanuatu

Updated 16 April 2015, 17:33 AEST

Tourists are being cautioned still not to visit one of Vanuatu's most popular islands, a month on from Cyclone Pam.

More than a thousand Fiji kids rescued from child labour

Updated 16 April 2015, 17:34 AEST

Fiji has launched its first-ever child help line.

New seafloor mining exploration voyage in Solomon Islands

Updated 16 April 2015, 17:34 AEST

A major seafloor mining exploration voyage is due to get under way in Solomon Islands at the end of the month.

New windfarm agreement for Samoa

Updated 16 April 2015, 17:34 AEST

Samoa's lofty goal of having 100 per cent of its electricity provided by renewable energy sources received a boost this week, with agreement reached for the country's second windfarm.

Calls for government funds and action to tackle domestic violence 'epidemic' in Solomon Islands

Updated 16 April 2015, 9:21 AEST

The head of the National Council of Women in Solomon Islands says there is a domestic violence emergency in the country which the government must tackle immediately.

Domestic violence rates in Vanuatu set to soar in wake of Cyclone Pam

Updated 16 April 2015, 10:49 AEST

As Vanuatu continues to recover from Cyclone Pam, many women have an additional burden to bare - an increase in physical abuse.

Call for vital blood stocks at Port Vila's main hospital

Updated 16 April 2015, 10:50 AEST

Vanuatu's stocks of donor blood have hit critically low levels, with Port Vila's Central Hospital at risk of running out completely.

Vanuatu advised to diversify economy and not rely on tourism to rebuild

Updated 16 April 2015, 10:51 AEST

Vanuatu's tourism authorities wasted no time in calling for international visitors to return to the country in the wake of Cyclone Pam.

In praise of seagrasses and their special place in the Pacific

Updated 16 April 2015, 10:51 AEST

An international project that's helping save the threatened dugongs of Solomon Islands and Vanuatu has produced some amazing facts about their seagrass habitats.

Team Wellington shows it's a contender for the OCL finals

Updated 16 April 2015, 10:52 AEST

In the OFC Champions League, debutantes Team Wellington have beaten Hakare United of PNG, 2-0.

Strain of Cyclone Pam takes toll on Vanuatu's Tafea in OCL

Updated 16 April 2015, 10:53 AEST

With one round to go in the group stage of the OFC Champions League in Fiji, host club Ba and defending champions Auckland City, along with Amicale and Team Wellington are set fair for the semi-finals.

Fijiana searching for consistency ahead of Women's World 7s round four

Updated 16 April 2015, 10:53 AEST

The Women's 7s team from Fiji will be hoping for a much improved performance in Canada this weekend in round four of the Women's World Series.

Guam out to make footballing history in World Cup qualifiers

Updated 16 April 2015, 10:54 AEST

The last time a team from Guam entered the FIFA World Cup, it didn't end well, as they lost 19-0 to Iran and 16-0 to Tajikistan back in 2001, but things have changed significantly since then.

Kiribati keen to join innovative business cluster project

Updated 15 April 2015, 17:09 AEST

Kiribati is the latest Pacific nation to become part of the innovative business cluster project led by PIPSO - the Pacific Island Private Sector Organisation.

International observers recommend changes in future Fiji elections

Updated 15 April 2015, 17:10 AEST

The Fiji government is being asked to change the way it conducts elections in the future.

Solomon Islands' government adamant Gold Ridge mine operators behaviour

Updated 16 April 2015, 8:51 AEST

The stoush between the Solomon Islands government and the operator of the country's Gold Ridge mine is continuing.

Chinese shark divers may not want shark fin soup afterwards

Updated 15 April 2015, 17:09 AEST

It's hoped that increasing Chinese tourists going to Fiji to to dive with sharks may help lead to a reduction in the demand for shark fins in future.

New NZ-Samoan comedy movie has broad appeal

Updated 15 April 2015, 17:08 AEST

The producers of a new film shot in New Zealand and Samoa are using social media to distribute it.

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