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Fiji's Speaker of Parliament says she'll be impartial

Updated 25 September 2014, 16:56 AEST

Fiji's new Speaker of Parliament says she will be an impartial enforcer of the standing rules in the country's newly refurbished parliament.

Rabuka says change from military to civillian rule is challenging

Updated 25 September 2014, 17:00 AEST

The only other Fijian to have staged a military coup and then become an elected prime minister says civilian governance is very different from a military mentality.

PNG governor convicted on LNG fraud charges

Updated 25 September 2014, 16:59 AEST

Transparency International PNG hopes more corrupt leaders will be brought to justice in future.

Australian government strikes deal on refugee visas

Updated 25 September 2014, 16:58 AEST

Australia's Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has struck a deal with MP Clive Palmer to reintroduce temporary protection visas.

Girls' rights in spotlight at PNG film festival

Updated 25 September 2014, 16:57 AEST

A nineteen-year-old PNG woman finds herself in labour in one of the busiest maternity wards in the world, in a country where childbirth is a "life or death lottery".

Dry spell prompts water rationing in Suva

Updated 25 September 2014, 17:01 AEST

Water rationing is underway in Suva and is affecting about 20,000 of the city's residents.

Australian miner wins landmark case against Sumitomo

Updated 26 September 2014, 11:30 AEST

A small Australian mining company and its landowner partners in Solomon Islands have won a landmark court case against Japanese mining giant Sumitomo.

Pacific climate network says neighbours must do their share

Updated 25 September 2014, 9:28 AEST

The UN Climate summit in New York has ended with Barack Obama telling delegates the world needs to move beyond the divide between rich and poor countries if it wants to tackle climate change.

Don Polye reportedly has PNG opposition leader role in his sights

Updated 25 September 2014, 9:35 AEST

It's arguably one of Papua New Guinea's least sought-after jobs but a tussle appears to be developing over the position of Opposition Leader.

NZ rugby players cutting through with campaign against domestic violence

Updated 25 September 2014, 9:31 AEST

Members of New Zealand's Hurricanes rugby union team will visit Vanuatu to spread a message against domestic violence.

Young women in Solomon Islands tackle the stigma of cervical cancer testing

Updated 25 September 2014, 9:32 AEST

Cervical cancer is one of the biggest killers of women in Solomon Islands.

Fiji campaign to support fish stocks gains commercial momentum

Updated 25 September 2014, 9:32 AEST

They've long been an important part of Fijian traditions and the country's economy, but the kawakawa and donu fish are declining rapidly in numbers in the face of a rising human population and the growth of fishing technology.

Suva hospital given all-clear after asbestos alert

Updated 25 September 2014, 9:33 AEST

In Suva, cleanup operations are underway after asbestos was discovered in Tamavua Twomey Hospital.

Oceania's admission to Asian Indoor Games a boost for fringe sports

Updated 25 September 2014, 9:34 AEST

The 18 countries that make up ONOC, the Oceania National Olympic Committees, have been invited to participate at the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Turkmenistan.

Revived Melanesian Super Cup all set for the big kick off

Updated 25 September 2014, 9:35 AEST

The revived Melanesian Super Cup kicks off in in Vanuatu tomorrow with the champion clubs from Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and the host nation set to take part.

Fiji employers welcome return to democracy

Updated 24 September 2014, 17:07 AEST

Fiji employers have welcomed the election and say they're looking forward to working with the new Fiji First Party government.

Australia wants to see Fiji back in Forum and Commonwealth

Updated 24 September 2014, 17:08 AEST

After years of tensions between Canberra and Suva, will Fiji's general election mark a new era in the relationship?Australia's welcomed the election result and says it looks forward to the country returning to the Commonwealth and the Pacific Island Forum.

Pacific leaders frustrated over climate inaction

Updated 24 September 2014, 17:09 AEST

US President Barack Obama has told the UN climate summit in New York the world needs to move beyond the divide between rich and poor countries if it wants to tackle climate change.

Up to eight Pacific MPs may be elected in NZ

Updated 24 September 2014, 17:09 AEST

New Zealand could wind up electing eight Pacific Island MPs, not seven as previously reported.

Fears mobile TV will decimate Vanuatu culture

Updated 24 September 2014, 17:26 AEST

There is concern in Vanuatu that an influx of foreign media programming on a proposed new mobile television network will decimate local culture and custom.

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