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FFA says Pacific solidarity intact despite Kiribati's surprise move

Updated 17 October 2014, 13:29 AEST

Kiribati's decision to reduce the number of fishing days it offers the United States tuna fleet has not undermined regional solidarity on fisheries issues, according to the Pacific Forum's Fisheries Agency.

Defence team to clear World War II bombs from Bougainville

Updated 16 October 2014, 10:47 AEST

A defence team which got rid of more than 12-thousand unexploded bombs in Solomon Islands last year is about to go to work in Bougainville.

Future Pacific leaders meet in New Caledonia

Updated 16 October 2014, 10:48 AEST

Future leaders from 18 Pacific countries are travelling to New Caledonia and Vanuatu this week for talks on governance and development.

51 countries sign off on protocol to access genetic material

Updated 16 October 2014, 10:49 AEST

A group of 51 countries have signed off on an international protocol that has wide ranging implications for protecting the rights of the Pacific Islands when it comes to accessing their genetic resources.

Pacific ship safety program expands

Updated 16 October 2014, 10:50 AEST

The Pacific Islands Domestic Ship Safety Programme continues to expand, with Papua New Guinea and the Federated States of Micronesia set to join the fold next year.

Coaching coup for Tonga as former World Cup winner Jake White jumps on

Updated 16 October 2014, 10:51 AEST

The Tonga Rugby Union has drafted in former World Cup winning coach Jake White as technical advisor ahead of the squads European tour next month when they'll take on Georgia, Scotland and the United States.

Barramundis' coach upbeat despite shortage of wins in SACA Premier League

Updated 16 October 2014, 10:52 AEST

After a dominant performance in the inaugural South Australian Premier League last season, Papua New Guinea's cricketers are finding the going a lot harder this time.

Softly, softly as Cricket Fiji reintroduces the sport into Taveuni

Updated 16 October 2014, 10:53 AEST

Cricket has returned to Taveuni, Fiji's third largest island, after the sport was almost wiped out there in the most bizarre of circumstances, when a local chief died after being struck in the ribs by a cricket ball during a local match.

PNG media staff allegedly kidnapped, sexually assaulted

Updated 15 October 2014, 18:07 AEST

Staff at Papua New Guinea's National Broadcasting Corporation are rallying around three of their colleagues who were kidnapped and attacked on their way home from work.

PNG police vow to arrest attackers who assaulted female media workers

Updated 15 October 2014, 18:06 AEST

PNG police are investigating the assault incident involving female workers at the National Broadcasting Service.

Kiribati cuts United States tuna boat access

Updated 16 October 2014, 15:34 AEST

Kiribati has shocked the fishing world by forcing much of the United States tuna fleet out of its waters, reportedly in favour of boats from China and Taiwan.

Australian Government defends detention of asylum seekers ar sea

Updated 15 October 2014, 18:06 AEST

Lawyers for the Australian Government have told the High Court in Canberra, there was no risk of breaching international obligations when it planned to send a group of asylum seekers to India.

Rugby league star Jarryd Haybe quits NRL to pursue American football

Updated 15 October 2014, 18:04 AEST

NRL star Jarryd Hayne has shocked the rugby league world by announcing he is quitting the sport to pursue a career in American football.

Logging concerns over PNG's redefinition of "forest"

Updated 15 October 2014, 18:03 AEST

There are concerns that Papua New Guinea's recent move to change the definition of what constitutes a "forest will open up even more of the country to unsustainable logging.

Mauna Kea telescope will be world's biggest

Updated 15 October 2014, 18:12 AEST

The world's biggest telescope, now being built in Hawaii, will allow astronomers to see almost back to the beginning of the universe.

Gaston Flosse still pulling the strings of French Polynesian politics

Updated 15 October 2014, 10:33 AEST

He may no longer be President of French Polynesia, having been stripped off his office after being convicted of corruption, but Gaston Flosse is a hard man to keep down and it appears he's still playing a very prominent role in his country's politics.

ILO optimistic about Fiji Labour rights

Updated 15 October 2014, 10:33 AEST

Two years after it was expelled by the then military government, a delegation from the International Labour Organisation has completed its latest mission to Fiji to examine the state of workers' rights.

FBI launch new push to find kidnapped sisters

Updated 15 October 2014, 10:34 AEST

The FBI is renewing efforts to find two girls who went missing while waiting for a school bus in the Northern Marianas three years ago.

Asian soccer clubs look to draft PNG footballers

Updated 15 October 2014, 10:35 AEST

More doors are opening for the Papua New Guinea soccer team as they continue their build up to the Pacific Games in Port Moresby next year.

Food processing plant to create hundreds of jobs in American Samoa

Updated 15 October 2014, 10:36 AEST

A company from the Philippines is set to create hundreds of new jobs in American Samoa with plans for a multi-million dollar food processing plant.

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