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Biman Prasad critical of Fiji budget spending

Updated 9 December 2014, 18:36 AEDT

Another Fiji opposition party leader says the country's budget is deceptive.

Call for compassion from Samoan churches over pre-marital sex

Updated 9 December 2014, 18:46 AEDT

Pacific Island church a community leaders need to show more understanding and compassion towards unmarried women who become pregnant.

Solomon Island MPs sent to island to stop coalition defections

Updated 9 December 2014, 18:27 AEDT

Solomon Islands' newly-elected parliamentary members will vote for prime minister this morning in an election that pits a two-time prime minister against a first-time MP.

Transparency Solomon Islands decries second Devil's Night

Updated 9 December 2014, 18:28 AEDT

Last night was the so-called Second Devil's Night when large sums of money traditionally change hands as the powers behind the scene back manipulate the result of the vote for Solomon Islands prime minister.

Politics a family affair for Solomon Islands PM candidate Manasseh Sogavare

Updated 9 December 2014, 18:29 AEDT

At almost 60 years old he has twice been prime minister - from 2000 to 2001 and again from 2006 to 2007 - and has been MP for East Choiseul since 1997.

Anti-corruption in PNG a work in progress

Updated 9 December 2014, 15:08 AEDT

Today is World Anti-Corruption Day, with this year's theme being 'break the corruption chain'.

West Papuan independence groups unite for MSG bid

Updated 9 December 2014, 15:08 AEDT

West Papuan independence groups have come together in Vanuatu to form an umbrella organisation to further their bid to become a member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Ryan keen to keep Fiji momentum going as 7s roadshow heads to South Africa

Updated 9 December 2014, 15:09 AEDT

While the dispute over TV coverage in Fiji rumbles on, the World Rugby Sevens series is on the move again, heading from Dubai to Port Elizabeth in South Africa for round three of the championship this weekend.

Pacific hockey teams show promise on international stage

Updated 9 December 2014, 15:10 AEDT

There were five matches played on day three of the international hockey tournament in Fiji.

Sewage flowing into sea off Fiji's Suva after pipe collapse

Updated 9 December 2014, 8:11 AEDT

The main wastewater trunk line that carries all untreated waste from Fiji's greater Suva area to the Kinoya Waste Treatment Plant has collapsed due to severe weather.

Former PNG army chief says police shootout 'unsurprising'

Updated 8 December 2014, 17:56 AEDT

The former commander of Papua New Guinea's defence force says he's not surprised by the shootout between soldiers and police officers in Port Moresby over the weekend.

The business end of World Rugby Sevens broadcast rights

Updated 8 December 2014, 17:57 AEDT

Rugby Sevens fans in Fiji are calling on the government to act quickly and resolve a dispute with World Rugby after it pulled the plug on its TV feed of the weekend's World Rugby Sevens tournament in Dubai.

Fiji opposition blames government for rugby sevens blackout

Updated 8 December 2014, 17:58 AEDT

Fiji's opposition says the fault for the Dubai rugby sevens blackout lies squarely with the government.

Marshalls loses news bulletins with Radio Australia FM closure

Updated 9 December 2014, 18:30 AEDT

Four FM radio stations carrying Radio Australia in the north Pacific were switched off on November 30 due to budget cuts to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and earlier, the closure of Australia Network.

PNG cattle feed molasses reborn as awarded rum

Updated 8 December 2014, 17:59 AEDT

A Papua New Guinean sugar producer has turned one of its byproducts into an award-winning rum.

Leaders have failed the Pacific on fishing action: Greenpeace

Updated 8 December 2014, 10:50 AEDT

The environmental group Greenpeace has accused governments of failing their countries at the meeting of the Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Commission in Samoa.

Marshall Islands unhappy with Fisheries Commission talks

Updated 8 December 2014, 10:52 AEDT

The Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Commission in Samoa has left environmental groups and Pacific Nations disappointed in the lack of action resulting from the talks.

Rains ease in Fiji after weekend of devestation

Updated 8 December 2014, 10:53 AEDT

Two people are dead after significant flooding in Fiji over the weekend which washed away roads and damaged the Tamavua Water Treatment Plant.

Fiji's emergency services working hard after severe flooding

Updated 8 December 2014, 10:54 AEDT

Around Fiji, emergency services have been busy over the weekend as heavy rains and flooding ravaged the nation.

Lobbying to continue as Solomon Islands MPs vote on new Prime Minister

Updated 8 December 2014, 10:59 AEDT

In Solomon Islands members of parliament will hold a secret ballot to vote for a new Prime Minister tomorrow.

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