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PNG to get domestic abuse hotline

Updated 19 January 2015, 18:09 AEDT

Women will be able to call a free phone number for counselling and advice with Papua New Guinea's first domestic abuse hotline service.

Asylum seekers 'ready to kill themselves' as Manus protests continue

Updated 19 January 2015, 9:53 AEDT

Asylum seekers say they are ready to kill themselves if police try to break up their protest on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, and should they die in detention they say they'll donate their organs to Australians.

Samoa's Chamber of Commerce weighs in on citizenship bill debate

Updated 19 January 2015, 9:52 AEDT

Samoa's Chamber of Commerce says there there needs to be more extensive research into a proposed bill that would allow foreign investors to pay to become Samoan citizens.

New technology shows new fishing ban in waters off Kiribati working

Updated 19 January 2015, 9:52 AEDT

An organisation using remote sensing and digital mapping to track illegal fishing activity in waters off Kiribati say a new ban on commercial fishing seems to be proving effective.

Plans for Palau casinos voted down in Senate

Updated 19 January 2015, 9:52 AEDT

After years of debate, it seems plans to introduce casino gaming to Palau have been ruled out once again.

Young Pacific leaders recognised in Queen's awards

Updated 19 January 2015, 9:51 AEDT

Young movers and shakers from across the Pacific have been recognised by the Queen for their various work in their local communities.

Returning Fiji 7s stars will have to work hard to make the cut

Updated 19 January 2015, 9:51 AEDT

The Rugby Sevens 2014 World Player of the Year, Samisoni Viriviri, is back in the Fijian squad as the countdown continues to the resumption of the World Sevens series in New Zealand in February.

Call for transparency in Fiji party funding row

Updated 16 January 2015, 18:07 AEDT

There's been a call for more transparency on the issue of parliamentary funding for political parties in Fiji.

Tongan volcano forms new island

Updated 16 January 2015, 18:05 AEDT

A volcanic eruption in Tonga which has disrupted air travel has now formed a new island.

Pacific aviation head rejects accusations of bias

Updated 16 January 2015, 9:48 AEDT

The head of the Pacific's aviation association has defended the organisation's position on the stalemate that saw flights between Fiji and Solomon Islands halted for seven months.

Victory for handful of French atomic weapons testing veterans in French Polynesia

Updated 16 January 2015, 9:47 AEDT

A court in France this week ruled that nine nuclear test veterans should be compensated by the state for damage to their health.

Fiji First says opposition are wrong on party funding row

Updated 15 January 2015, 17:46 AEDT

Fiji's ruling political party has rejected claims by the opposition that changes to parliamentary funding for parties are an attack on them.

Senior PNG police officer to assess safety of accused witches

Updated 15 January 2015, 17:46 AEDT

A senior police officer will accompany church and community leaders to a remote area of the PNG Highlands where four women are reportedly in danger after being accused of witchcraft.

Claims of self-harm cases at Manus Island detention facility

Updated 15 January 2015, 9:52 AEDT

An asylum seeker is believed to be undergoing medical treatment on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea after swallowing razor blades in protest against his detention.

Disappointment Fiji-Solomon Islands flight stoush not fully rectified

Updated 15 January 2015, 9:52 AEDT

A senior executive at Solomon Airlines says an agreement reached to re-introduce flights between Solomon Islands and Fiji has done little to solve the problem.

Caution over a big surge in Palau's tourist numbers

Updated 15 January 2015, 9:51 AEDT

The small island nation of Palau saw a record jump in the number of international tourists last year -- but local tourism organisations say it's an alarming situation.

Caution urged over PNG use of states of emergency

Updated 15 January 2015, 9:51 AEDT

An Australian research analyst says the Papua New Guinea government should be careful about declaring states of emergency.

Two PNG men lost at sea head home

Updated 15 January 2015, 9:52 AEDT

The final leg of what's been an incredible journey of survival for two Papua New Guinea men finally gets underway today.

Positive signs for accused witches in PNG Highlands

Updated 14 January 2015, 17:26 AEDT

Attempts to convince people in a remote part of Papua New Guinea not to harm four women accused of being witches is to be made this weekend.

Fiji party accuses AG of interference with parliment

Updated 14 January 2015, 17:27 AEDT

Fiji's opposition National Federation Party has accused the attorney general of unconstitutionally interfering with the independence of parliament.

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