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Investigation into shootout between PNG police and army

Updated 8 December 2014, 11:13 AEDT

A shootout between members of the police and army in Port Moresby has left four soldiers with gunshot wounds.

Fiji stay top of World 7s rankings; Australia dominate Oceania basketball

Updated 8 December 2014, 9:01 AEDT

The South Africans have taken out the Dubai leg of the World Rugby Sevens series, defeating Australia 33-7 in the final but it's Fiji who lead the overall standings after an impressive 26-12 win over New Zealand in the third place play off.

ABC Radio Australia silenced in northern Pacific

Updated 8 December 2014, 8:47 AEDT

Australian government cuts to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation have led to Radio Australia's FM radio service being switched off in Palau, Pohnpei, Majuro and Kiribati.

PNG men rescued off Federated States of Micronesia after months at sea

Updated 5 December 2014, 18:00 AEDT

It's a remarkable story of survival, with two Papua New Guinean men alive after spending nearly five months at sea in a small boat living off fish and rainwater, rescued by a passing ship in the Federated States of Micronesia after drifiting around a thousand kilometres off-course.

Sex workers' life more important than law says PNG governor

Updated 5 December 2014, 18:00 AEDT

Port Moresby's Governor has said he's willing to disregard laws that prosecute sex workers if it means they can lead a better life.

Australian kava ban won't work says Pacific church leader

Updated 5 December 2014, 18:01 AEDT

A total ban on kava in Australia won't stop abuse of the drug among indigenous communities says a Pacific church leader in the Northern Territory.

Darwin Tongans fear possible kava ban

Updated 5 December 2014, 18:02 AEDT

Tongans living in Darwin fear a ban on importing kava into Australia could badly affect their goal of passing on their culture to their young people.

Cancer surveillance and data in PNG underfunded

Updated 5 December 2014, 18:22 AEDT

The World Health Organisation has announced plans to create a new regional hub for cancer surveillance in the Pacific.

Urgent call to protect marine species from commercial fishing

Updated 5 December 2014, 12:18 AEDT

At this week's meeting of the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission in Apia there's been a call for delegates to help protect species like sharks and turtles which are under threat from commercial fishing.

Fisheries Commission in Samoa meeting unlikely to reach agreement

Updated 5 December 2014, 12:13 AEDT

Today's the final day of the meeting of the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission and journalist Monica Miller has been covering it all week and says there is little optimisim over any sort of agreement being reached.

Vanuatu police lay charges over witchcraft murder case

Updated 5 December 2014, 12:04 AEDT

Vanuatu police have charged 24 people over the murder of two men accused of sorcery on Akam Island.

No prime ministerial candidate in Solomon Islands yet

Updated 5 December 2014, 12:26 AEDT

In Solomon Islands, media reports say the governor-general Frank Kabui is yet to receive a formal nomination for prime minister with less than 24 hours before nominations close.

Palau switch off from Radio Australia's FM service

Updated 5 December 2014, 12:01 AEDT

Australian government cuts to the ABC have led to Radio Australia's FM radio service being switched off in the North Pacific, a move which has not gone down well in the offices of the President of Palau.

Australian MP's say goodbye to Canberra for 2014

Updated 5 December 2014, 12:14 AEDT

To Canberra now where parliament has packed up for the year and the politicians are heading home to their electorates, no doubt reflecting on a challenging year and especially a tumultuous last week.

French Polynesia's resolution to target nuclear testing

Updated 5 December 2014, 12:03 AEDT

To news from French Polynesia and resolution passed by parliament that directly targets the government in Paris over the long-running running nuclear testing issue.

Round two of World Rugby 7's kicks off in Dubai

Updated 5 December 2014, 12:22 AEDT

Round two of the World Rugby Sevens series kicks off in Dubai later today with Fiji intent on following up their first round win on Australia's Gold Coast, and holding on to the title they won last year.

Fiji well prepared to win back to back sevens titles in Dubai

Updated 5 December 2014, 12:21 AEDT

The defending champions at the Dubai round of the World Rugby Sevens series, Fiji, arrived in the Gulf ahead of time, thanks to some generous benefactors, so they have had an extended build-up to the tournament.

Fiji broadcast of Dubai 7s cancelled by World Rugby

Updated 5 December 2014, 12:21 AEDT

World Rugby has confirmed it was left with no option other than to withhold the broadcast feed for the Dubai leg of the Rugby 7s.

Young Kiwi basketballer has his sights set on the NBA

Updated 5 December 2014, 12:03 AEDT

They've reached the semi-final stage at the Oceania under-19 basketball tournament in Fiji, with the men's and women's teams from Australia and New Zealand continuing to dominiate proceedings.

Fiji fury if rights row stops Dubai Sevens broadcast

Updated 4 December 2014, 17:35 AEDT

A Fijian rugby union great says there'll be a lot of very unhappy sports fans across the country if the Dubai Sevens tournament is not broadcast live in Fiji over a broadcasing rights dispute.

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