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Long-time candidate finally wins Congress seat in American Samoa

Updated 6 November 2014, 11:22 AEDT

Counting from American Samoa's vote yesterday to elect a delegate to the US Congress has produced an historic result.

Fijian cricketers still flying, with six wins out of six in Australia

Updated 6 November 2014, 11:23 AEDT

The visiting Fijian cricket development squad is still unbeaten after six matches on its tour of Australia's Sunshine Coast.

Killing of Melanesian Brother shocks Solomon Islands

Updated 7 November 2014, 8:33 AEDT

There is shock in Solomon Islands this week as they come to terms with an attack on two members of the Melanesian Brotherhood religious order in West Honiara, leaving one dead and one with injuries.

Guam voters support medical marijuana

Updated 5 November 2014, 17:47 AEDT

The passing of Guam's medical marijuana bill during the US mid-terms have come after months of heated debate.

Mason flags possible changes to Pacific regional organisation

Updated 6 November 2014, 11:43 AEDT

According to Senator Brett Mason, Australia's Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs, there could be changes to the way the Pacific region organises itself internationally in future.

Cooking standard high at Fiji chef contest

Updated 6 November 2014, 11:44 AEDT

The standard of cooking at a contest for chefs in Fiji recently was high enough to be internationally competitive.

Another vote of no confidence possible in Vanuatu

Updated 5 November 2014, 8:58 AEDT

In Vanuatu, there are rumours on blogs and social media that former Prime Minister Moana Carcasses is due to launch another bid for the top job.

Human rights body calls for Fiji to review its constitution

Updated 5 November 2014, 8:58 AEDT

The UN Human Rights Council is calling on Fiji to review its Constitution, despite Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum describing it as a document of "unprecedented inclusion" in terms of social, economic, political and civil rights.

Conditions for Asia Pacific journalists becoming worse

Updated 5 November 2014, 8:58 AEDT

The International Federation of Journalists has launched a three-week campaign to highlight violence against journalists around the world.

No clear front-runners as American Samoa goes to the polls

Updated 5 November 2014, 8:57 AEDT

In American Samoa, voters go to the polls today as part of the United States mid-term cycle to elect a delegate to the US Congress along with 20 of the 21 members of the American Samoa House of Representatives.

Guam voters back medical marijuana bill

Updated 5 November 2014, 8:57 AEDT

After hours of counting overnight, the results of the election in Guam have been announced.

Constitutional vote increases school funding in the Northern Marianas

Updated 5 November 2014, 8:57 AEDT

In the northern Mariana Islands, voters were deciding more than which political candidates to support.

Plumbing problems mar Virgin flight from LA

Updated 5 November 2014, 8:57 AEDT

Passengers on a flight from Los Angeles to Sydney got more than they bargained for when a bathroom "exploded".

Dual international Akilaini Baravilala flying Hawaii's rugby flag

Updated 5 November 2014, 8:56 AEDT

In the world of rugby, Hawaii doesn't loom large, but the islands do have their very own international player in Akilaini Baravilala.

Contradictions over Fiji media retraction claims

Updated 4 November 2014, 18:01 AEDT

Al Jazeera has joined Radio New Zealand in denying claims by a Fiji government official that it issued an apology and retraction for racist, unbalanced and inaccurate reporting during Fiji's recent elections.

Melbourne Cup favourite Admire Rakti dies following big race

Updated 4 November 2014, 18:02 AEDT

The Melbourne Cup favourite, and this year's Caulfield Cup winner Admire Rakti, has collapsed in his stable and died after falling back in the field and finishing last.

Signs of renewed interest in Fiji from Australian investors

Updated 5 November 2014, 8:27 AEDT

There are signs of renewed interest by Australian investors in Fiji in the wake of the visit late last week of Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop.

Organic food in Samoa more popular with expatriates

Updated 4 November 2014, 18:03 AEDT

Baskets of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables made available each week are proving more popular with expatriates than Samoans.

Guam voters pick their choice in a range of polls

Updated 4 November 2014, 8:45 AEDT

Americans take to the polls today to cast ballots for the US midterm elections with Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa all voting for representatives for the US House of Representatives.

Lava flow from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano stalls

Updated 4 November 2014, 8:46 AEDT

For months now, lava has been flowing from the Kilauea volcano on Big Island of Hawaii, but its trail of destruction appears to be slowing.

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