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Large demonstration in Tahiti to support Charlie Hebdo

Updated 8 January 2015, 17:18 AEDT

The world is in shock following the murder of 12 staff at France's leading satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo.

Fiji journalists condemn Paris murders

Updated 8 January 2015, 17:18 AEDT

The Fijian Media Association has condemned the murder of the journalists and cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

PNG anti sorcery violence campaign wants more government support

Updated 8 January 2015, 17:21 AEDT

A grouping of non government organisations and activists in Papua New Guinea working to combat violence against people accused of witchcraft and sorcery wants more support from the government.

New campaign to improve Pacific's population statistics

Updated 8 January 2015, 12:00 AEDT

Pacific nations are aiming to dramatically improve their gathering of population statistics over the next decade.

Climate change yet again key environmental issue for Pacific in 2015

Updated 8 January 2015, 9:44 AEDT

Environmental issues are never far away in the Pacific and hot on the heels of climate talks in Peru, the region is looking ahead to a key climate summit in Paris this December.

PNG government giving away free land

Updated 7 January 2015, 17:06 AEDT

The Papua New Guinea government is giving land away for free.

Anti-corruption body Transparency Solomon Islands welcomes moves to set up ICAC

Updated 7 January 2015, 10:07 AEDT

Solomon Islands looks to set to have an Independent Commission Against Corruption - a body many people in the country say is well overdue.

PNG Sports Minister confident Pacific Games will go ahead without a hitch

Updated 7 January 2015, 10:07 AEDT

The countdown is on to this year's Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea, which begin in just 178 days, and the country's Sports Minister is hosing down speculation that some of the venues may not be ready on time.

Political stability tops Pacific predictions for 2015

Updated 7 January 2015, 10:08 AEDT

Another year is upon us and with that, a chance to look ahead at what's to come for the Pacific.

Easier, quicker and cheaper way to form a company in Tonga unveiled

Updated 6 January 2015, 16:45 AEDT

A new online business registry in Tonga should make it easier, quicker and cheaper for people to form companies.

PNG-born Queensland woman wins place at NIDA

Updated 6 January 2015, 16:45 AEDT

A Queensland woman with parents from PNG has won a place at Australia's most famous acting school, NIDA.

PNG PM threatens emergency over state of Highlands Highway

Updated 6 January 2015, 16:44 AEDT

PNG prime minister Peter O'Neill says the government could declare an emergency over the state of the Highlands Highway, and even call out the PNGDF Engineering Battalion to make urgent repairs and upgrades,He was speaking during a surprise inspection of the stretch of road between Mendi and Lae at the weekend.

Bleak 2015 outlook for management of Pacific's tuna fisheries

Updated 6 January 2015, 9:08 AEDT

As 2015 begins, the issue of managing the Pacific's dwindling tuna stocks remains at the top of the agenda for many.

Taskforce set up in American Samoa for tuna canneries

Updated 6 January 2015, 9:14 AEDT

In American Samoa, a taskforce is investigating the major issues which pose possible threats to their tuna canneries.

Smokers pay more in Palau with tobacco tax hike

Updated 6 January 2015, 9:15 AEDT

Smokers in Palau are now paying more after another increase in tobacco tax came into effect at the start of this year.

Tongan Bishop appointed a Cardinal

Updated 5 January 2015, 17:22 AEDT

Tonga's new cardinal says he's humbled by his appoinment.

PNG women flee witchcraft accusations

Updated 5 January 2015, 17:36 AEDT

So many women in Papua New Guinea have fled their villages because of allegations of witchcraft that it's creating a refugee problem.

Fiji journalists face culture of not asking questions

Updated 5 January 2015, 17:08 AEDT

Fiji journalists are facing attitudes from those in authority that discourage them from asking questions.

PNG cricketer Lega Siaka selected for Australian PM's XI

Updated 5 January 2015, 17:23 AEDT

Papua New Guinea cricketer Lega Siaka has been selected to play in the Australian prime minister's XI.

Calls for more comprehensive climate change plan for Torres Strait

Updated 5 January 2015, 9:07 AEDT

Rising seas around the Torres Strait Islands - between Australia and Papua New Guinea - mean that some of the region could become uninhabitable in a few decades.

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