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Vanuatu PM says government has abandoned airport contract

Updated 4 December 2014, 17:35 AEDT

Vanuatu's prime minister Joe Natuman says the government has already decided to abandon the foreign-backed development of a new international airport.

Deportations to begin over fraudulent Vanuatu citizenship

Updated 4 December 2014, 17:33 AEDT

Immigration authorities will begin deporting people who've been fraudulently granted Vanuatu citizenship.

China Tuna Industry Group fails to show at Tuna Commission

Updated 4 December 2014, 17:33 AEDT

Amongst the hundreds of delegates at the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission meetings, one group has been conspiciously absent.

Fiji budget shows unsustainable government spending

Updated 4 December 2014, 17:32 AEDT

Fiji's budget appears to be a business as usual document, but an Australian academic says there are a number of potential problems.

Call for strong political party systems in the Pacific

Updated 4 December 2014, 18:11 AEDT

A Tongan political scientist in New Zealand says a strong political party system in Pacific countries is probably the best way to give voters a chance to feel as if they decide who runs their country.

El Nino could bring extreme weather over coming months

Updated 4 December 2014, 18:12 AEDT

Extreme weather is predicted for the Pacific region in the next six months as global forecasts indicate the onset of an abnormal warming of sea surface temperatures known as the El Nino effect.

Rural legal services top priority says PNG Supreme Court judge

Updated 4 December 2014, 18:12 AEDT

Papua New Guinea's newest Supreme Court judge says legal services in the country's rural areas is key to law and order.

Claims some fishing countries not honouring data sharing agreements

Updated 4 December 2014, 13:57 AEDT

At this week's meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission in Samoa there have been, as always, strong views about the direction of the billion-dollar industry that's so vital to the Pacific.

Challenges await newly-appointed Fisheries Commission head Feleti Te'o

Updated 4 December 2014, 14:06 AEDT

The new head of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, Feleti Teo, is one of the region's most experienced fisheries negotiators, having served as the director-general of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency.

Pacific Islands push to significantly reduce global warming by 2100

Updated 4 December 2014, 14:07 AEDT

The latest scientific evidence being presented to delegates at the UN Climate Conference in Peru is adding weight to a push from the Pacific Islands for a 1.

Landmark season ahead for Fijiana in women's rugby 7s

Updated 4 December 2014, 14:02 AEDT

The International Rugby Sevens series swings back into gear this weekend with the men and women in action in Dubai.

World Rugby warns it may withdraw Dubai broadcast in Fiji

Updated 4 December 2014, 14:03 AEDT

The body overseeing international rugby has warned Fiji it can't go ahead with a plan to share the broadcasting of the Dubai 7s tournament across the country's free to air stations.

Trained eye care nurses take their skills back to Pacific communities

Updated 4 December 2014, 14:03 AEDT

To Fiji now where 19 people have successfully completed their training as eye-care professionals at the Fred Hollows Foundation's Pacific Eye Institute in Suva.

Palau's water security project targets outlying states

Updated 4 December 2014, 14:04 AEDT

Water security is a major challenge for most if not all the Pacific Island countries, and not least Palau.

Sogavare-led coalition emerges as Solomon Islands front runner

Updated 3 December 2014, 17:57 AEDT

The political situation in Solomon Islands has changed overnight, with a new political coalition led by former prime minister Manasseh Sogavare now emerging as the front runner.

Foreign policy historically troubled under Manasseh Sogavare

Updated 3 December 2014, 17:57 AEDT

Winston Peters, New Zealand's foreign minister during Manasseh Sogavare's previous prime ministership, including the 2006 Honiara riots, says the former PM had a poor relationship with Australia and this impacted on the country's foreign relations at a time when Solomon Islands needed a lot of help.

Former O'Neill government treasurer Don Polye new PNG opposition leader

Updated 3 December 2014, 17:58 AEDT

Papua New Guinea has a new opposition leader with the fiery, and at times unpredictable, Belden Namah replaced by the former treasurer Don Polye.

Three Lutheran missionaries face deportation from PNG

Updated 3 December 2014, 17:58 AEDT

Three American Lutheran missionaries in the Papua New Guinea Highlands say they have not been officially told about attempts to deport them.

Diabetes-related foot amputations in Fiji behind the times

Updated 3 December 2014, 17:59 AEDT

Some of the techniques being used in Fiji to treat diabetics with foot infections are decades behind the times.

Crowdfunding campaign shines light on Bougainville cocoa

Updated 3 December 2014, 18:00 AEDT

In Bougainville, cocoa growers receive a flat rate for their product, regardless of the quality.

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