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Crowded leaderboard after start of Fiji International

Updated 15 August 2014, 8:38 AEST

Play is underway on day two of the Fiji International at Natadola Bay, where one million US dollars in prize money is up for grabs at the country's biggest ever golf tournament.

Thailand looks to new relations with the Pacific

Updated 15 August 2014, 8:39 AEST

Thailand is keen to boost its links with the Pacific after the first ever Thai-Pacific Development co-operation Forum in Bangkok.

Papuans call for release of French journalists

Updated 15 August 2014, 8:41 AEST

Two French journalists arrested in the Indonesian province of Papua late last week remain in detention on charges relating to misusing their visas.

PNG lawyer slams proposed sexting ban

Updated 15 August 2014, 8:41 AEST

A prominent constitutional lawyer in Papua New Guinea says a move to ban so-called "sexting" is an outrageous breach of human rights.

Australia accused of "systematic violation" of asylum seeker children

Updated 15 August 2014, 8:42 AEST

The charity Save the Children has detailed what it says is the "systematic violation" of the human rights of asylum seeker children Australia has sent to Nauru.

Climate change a 'weapon of mass destruction' warns Tuvalu PM

Updated 15 August 2014, 8:43 AEST

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu has warned Australia not to stand in the way of moves towards a new global agreement on climate change.

Chaudhry appeal dismissed

Updated 14 August 2014, 16:42 AEST

A court today has dismissed Fiji Labour Leader Mahendra Chaurdhry's appeal making him inelibile to contest the September elections.

Coastal fisheries in need of protection

Updated 14 August 2014, 16:42 AEST

More and immediate action needs to be taken to preserve the regions coastal fisheries and its main source of protein.

US Secretary of State on the next steps in Asia Pacific policy

Updated 14 August 2014, 16:43 AEST

United States Secretary of State John Kerry has used a speech at the end of his 5-day visit to Burma, Australia and Solomon Islands to set a new broader agenda for the United States relations with the Asia Pacific region.

US Pacific focus justified

Updated 14 August 2014, 16:44 AEST

When Asia Pacific policy is being discussed the Pacific Islands are often an afterthought.

French journalists still detained in Papua

Updated 14 August 2014, 16:44 AEST

Two French journalists arrested in the Indonesian province of Papua late last week remain in detention on charges relating to misusing their visas.

Play underway in Fiji International Golf tournament

Updated 14 August 2014, 16:45 AEST

The Fiji International Golf tournament is underway at Natadola Bay.

AFL international underway

Updated 14 August 2014, 16:45 AEST

The AFL International Cup underway in Melbourne is bringing together fans of Australian Rules football from some unlikely places.

New way to measure stress in Australian native animals

Updated 14 August 2014, 16:46 AEST

Queensland scientists have pioneered an unusual technique to measure the stress levels of bilbies.

Tongan women keen to take on Australian Rules football

Updated 14 August 2014, 9:27 AEST

Women are well represented in this year's AFL International Cup.

Vijay Singh hopes Fiji International inspires young golfers

Updated 14 August 2014, 9:27 AEST

The opening round at the Fiji International golf tournament is under way with 120 pro golfers taking part in what's being hailed as the country's biggest ever sporting event.

AFL International Cup round-up

Updated 14 August 2014, 10:39 AEST

On day two of the of the AFL International Cup in Melbourne, there have been some more big blow-outs, but also some very competitive encounters too.

Bridging the gap between Pacific culture and tourism

Updated 14 August 2014, 10:47 AEST

There's a commonly held belief that the tourism industry in the Pacific and Pacific culture are intertwined but that may not be the case.

NRL launches Pacific Strategy to strengthen rugby league

Updated 14 August 2014, 9:29 AEST

The rise of rugby league in the region is gathering momentum with the National Rugby League in Australia launching what it calls its Pacific strategy.

Pacific expert turns attention towards training young journalists

Updated 14 August 2014, 9:30 AEST

Long time Pacific reporter Sean Dorney is leaving the ABC and turning his attention to training young journalists in the Pacific.

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