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Housing affordability at top of John Key's agenda

Updated 8 October 2014, 14:53 AEST

With a new cabinet sworn in New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says he wants to tackle the high price of housing.

Deportation could cost PNG student her life

Updated 8 October 2014, 11:30 AEST

Bernadene Morlin suffered renal failure in 2012 after coming to Australia a year earlier on a student visa.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison urged to stop deportation of PNG

Updated 8 October 2014, 11:29 AEST

Australia's Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is being urged to stop the deportation of a PNG woman over fears it could result in her death.

Solomon's plans first post-RAMSI poll

Updated 8 October 2014, 11:29 AEST

Solomon Islanders will go to the polls next month in a national election announced by the government yesterday.

Program to address low adult literacy in PNG

Updated 8 October 2014, 11:28 AEST

Adult literacy rates in Papua New Guinea are some of the worst in the Pacific, with only half of the population considered literate.

Samoa defeats Lupe Ole Soaga in tight contest

Updated 8 October 2014, 11:28 AEST

Goals were in short supply on Match Day 1 of the OFC Champions League preliminary round in Apia.

Cook Islands and Puaikura in one-one draw

Updated 8 October 2014, 11:27 AEST

In the opening match of the OFC Champions League preliminary round in Apia SK Baptist Church from American Samoa grabbed a very late equaliser to snatch a point in a one-one draw with Puaikura from Cook Islands.

PNG gearing up for Pacific Games

Updated 8 October 2014, 11:26 AEST

A seven strong team from the 2015 Pacific Games Office in Papua New Guinea is just back from Australia, where they attended the Sydney University Games as observers.

Tonga now the world capital of Mormonism

Updated 8 October 2014, 11:44 AEST

Tonga has taken out a new title.

NZ Pacific Minister climbs cabinet rankings

Updated 7 October 2014, 17:47 AEST

New Zealand's Minister for Pacific Peoples is now the highest ranking Pacific Island politician in the country's history.

Scientists to map underwater Ontong Java plateau

Updated 7 October 2014, 17:46 AEST

An international team of scientists is going to study an undersea plateau north of Solomon Islands for clues about the earth's early geology, and also help estimate the risk from tsunamis.

Pacific more attractive than Asia for Australian exporters: economist

Updated 7 October 2014, 17:45 AEST

A new book by one of Australia's leading economists shows the Pacific is such a thriving market for Australian small to medium-sized enterprises, that countries like Papua New Guinea attract more Australian exporters than much larger trading partners such as Japan and Indonesia.

600 year old waka in NZ may show Polynesian migration link

Updated 7 October 2014, 17:45 AEST

A 600 year old ocean going waka in New Zealand could shed new light on early Polynesian migration to the country.

New lifestyle magazine hits Pacific newsstands

Updated 7 October 2014, 17:44 AEST

A new glossy magazine aimed at Pacific Islanders has gone on sale in Fiji, Samoa and Papua New Guinea.

New Fiji parliament 'first little step'

Updated 7 October 2014, 10:42 AEST

Fiji has taken another important step on the road back to democracy with the first sitting of its new parliament.

Europe rewards Fiji for holding election

Updated 7 October 2014, 10:43 AEST

After the landmark election in last month, Fiji continues to reap the benefits, with the opening up of preferential trade links with the European Union just a few days ago.

RAMSI's unique challenges and achievements go under the microscope

Updated 7 October 2014, 11:02 AEST

The decade-long Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI, has been described by some as an ambitious 'state-building' project in the mould of interventions in Iraq or East Timor.

Northern Marianas plans for ebola outbreak

Updated 7 October 2014, 11:01 AEST

International concern over the deadly ebola virus is growing, with the Spanish health minister confirming that a nurse who treated an ebola victim in Madrid has contracted the virus in the first case of an infection outside Africa.

Niue puts Disney characters on its currency

Updated 7 October 2014, 10:43 AEST

The coins of Niue have become collectors items around the world, and they're helping to put cash into the Niuean economy, as well as creating global awareness about a tiny island in the Pacific.

Oceania Champions League kicks off in Apia.

Updated 7 October 2014, 10:48 AEST

A new season of Oceania Champions League football kicks off later today, with the first two preliminary round matches being played in Apia.

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