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Solomon Islands MPs have a final week to form a government

Updated 3 December 2014, 12:27 AEDT

In Solomon Islands, the political machinations continue to ramp up with the governor-general deciding that the vote for prime minister will be held next Tuesday.

Sense of stability in Vanuatu after no confidence motion withdrawn

Updated 3 December 2014, 12:28 AEDT

To Vanuatu now where the political intrigue seem to have steadied after the Supreme Court overturned a government decision which barred from parliament 16 opposition MPs, including opposition leader Moana Carcasses.

Papua New Guinean, Musje Werror to head OK Tedi Mine

Updated 3 December 2014, 12:28 AEDT

For the first time in its long and controversial history, a Papua New Guinean has been appointed as OK Tedi Mine's chief operating officer.

Roy Krishna proving his worth for Wellington Phoenix in the A-League

Updated 3 December 2014, 12:29 AEDT

It's starting to look like this could be a break out season for Fijian soccer international Roy Krishna who has been turning in some impressive performances for Wellington Phoenix in the A-League.

Fijian womens basketball focuses on rebuilding

Updated 3 December 2014, 12:30 AEDT

There was no joy for the host nation Fiji on day two of the Oceania under-19 basketball championships, where the powerhouses of Australia and New Zealand continue to dominate proceedings.

Inspiration, Dennis Ramsay takes on greater challenge for disability sports

Updated 3 December 2014, 12:31 AEDT

Less than seven years ago Dennis Ramsay was fit and well and serving in the Australian Defence Force, then in early 2008 he was struck down with serious illness that almost cost him his life.

Hardened PNG locals shocked by Lae airport hold-up

Updated 2 December 2014, 17:27 AEDT

Even hardened locals in Papua New Guinea's second biggest city Lae have been shocked by the ransacking of the nearby Nadzab airport by dozens of armed men in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Solomons PM, government to be elected after coalition accepted

Updated 2 December 2014, 17:22 AEDT

Solomon Islands' 50 MPs are to meet next Tuesday after the governor general today issued a notice for the election of a prime minister.

Vanuatu MPs win case to return to parliament

Updated 2 December 2014, 17:24 AEDT

Vanuatu's Supreme Court today overturned the barring from parliament of 16 opposition MPs, including opposition leader Moana Carcasses.

PNG to lead massive Pacific economic growth next year

Updated 2 December 2014, 17:26 AEDT

Incredible levels of economic growth predicted for the Pacific next year will be driven largely by Papua New Guinea's gas industry.

Churches in Melanesia trying to combat belief in sorcery

Updated 2 December 2014, 17:26 AEDT

Churches in Melanesia are trying to combat the worst effects of a belief in sorcery and witchcraft, but it's not an easy task.

Government-forming continues in Solomon Islands

Updated 2 December 2014, 10:48 AEDT

Almost two weeks after the Solomon Islands' general election, the horse-trading continues as small parties combine to try to form a government under the new rules.

Political camps continue to form and reform in Solomon Islands

Updated 2 December 2014, 11:01 AEDT

In Honiara, chief reporter for the Solomon Star newspaper, Ednal Palmer, has been watching the camps forming and reforming.

Solomons MP Freda Comua's win, a celebration all round

Updated 2 December 2014, 11:02 AEDT

While 26 women contested seats in the Solomon Islands election, just one was elected, making her only the third female ever to win a parliamentary seat.

PNG's poorest to be hit hardest by budget limitations

Updated 2 December 2014, 11:04 AEDT

Fresh concerns are being raised about Papua New Guinea's economic direction after a former treasury advisor completed a detailed assessment of the budget handed down last month.

Thousands gather in Peru to set a climate change timetable

Updated 2 December 2014, 12:19 AEDT

A new round of United Nations climate talks has opened in Lima, Peru, aimed at paving the way to a historic deal in Paris next year to roll back greenhouse-gas emissions.

Claims drones will revolutionise transport in developing countries

Updated 2 December 2014, 12:20 AEDT

One of the brains behind a US manufacturer of small, unmanned aerial vehicles - or drones as they're more commonly known - believes they're the answer to the future of transport in developing countries.

Australia, NZ and Guam dominate basketball championships in Fiji

Updated 2 December 2014, 12:20 AEDT

The teams from New Zealand, Australia and Guam have dominated in both the women's and men's events on the opening day of the under-19 Oceania basketball championships in Fiji.

Vanuatu MP says if law won't go after witches, people will

Updated 1 December 2014, 17:28 AEDT

A former Vanuatu cabinet minister wants the legal system changed so people suspected of practising witchcraft can be prosecuted.

PM details how PNG mineral wealth to flow to community

Updated 1 December 2014, 17:29 AEDT

The 13th Papua New Guinea Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference is currently underway in Sydney, bringing together the sector's key players and looking out how the industry can build its recent successes.

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