Pacific Break 13th June 2014 | Pacific Break

Pacific Break 13th June 2014

Pacific Break 13th June 2014

Updated 13 June 2014, 15:15 AEST

With so much recent negative press, what do you know about Manus Island beyond the detention centre? 

Coming up this weekend on Pacific Break, we’ll showcase a different side to this corner of the globe when we hark back to 2008 to play out a ‘Klassic Kona’ dancehall tune – representing the PNG-Melanesian flava. Allan Stevens from Fiji’s 2Day FM takes us through Fiji’s local music scene, where hip hop rules for young, emerging artists. We hear from Tee Rule Muzik about his song “Detuirgir avam tsunami”, which he wrote in response to the tsunami that hit Solomon Islands’ Temotu province last year. We do a PacBreak ‘Friday Flashback’ to hear from Tonga’s island-style reggae outfit, Jamie and DJ Simz. 

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