Pacific Break 16th May 2014 | Pacific Break

Pacific Break 16th May 2014

Pacific Break 16th May 2014

Updated 30 May 2014, 16:44 AEST

Pacific Break kicks off this week. In this first edition hosted by Namila Benson, we hear some of the best original music from across Pacific.

Nesian DJ/producer/beatmaker and radio presenter, Tuff Tumas stops by Pacific Break to talk about what’s making waves musically across the Big Ocean.  

We hear an interview with Silas Malai, from Solomon Islands group Traditional Roots, who previously shared their song “Sasiku” on Pacific Break.  Silas shares the important process of consulting with elders before writing and recording the song.

Plus we take a walk down memory lane to our ‘Klassic Kona’ to hear a big tune from Samoan MC, King Kapisi. 


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