Pacific Break 18th July 2014 | Pacific Break

Pacific Break 18th July 2014

Pacific Break 18th July 2014

Updated 18 July 2014, 15:34 AEST

This week on Pacific break with Namila Benson: Fijian producer and performer Wilo Raffian Smooth

He talks us through his early days of listening to Def Leppard and Pantera and how that eventually led him to making Jamaican reggae with the Fijian touch.

Lae-based PNG producer, Kes, delivers laidback dance music that pays homage to his Morobe roots.

Also celebrating their island home is Port Moresby duo, Bukaveng, who share their tune, “Back to my roots” - where dance music meets hip hop.

And on our ‘Klassic Kona’ segment, we jump into our time machine vaka to travel back to nearly a decade ago when we hear from Rarotonga artist, Brother Love, who takes us “Across Da Sea”.



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