Pacific Break 1st August 2014 | Pacific Break

Pacific Break 1st August 2014

Pacific Break 1st August 2014

Updated 1 August 2014, 15:54 AEST

Coming up on this week’s episode of Pacific Break, we hear from Tongan songwoman/orator and performance artist, Sista Native. 

Sista Native talks about her early musical training in her village in Tongatapu, Tonga; the psychology of moving beyond a bad performance (especially in this digital era, where everything is recorded); her obsession with capoeira; and why her creativity yearns for her to stay connected to black and brown faces in Australia. Plus PNG’s Jagarizzar teams up with ni-Van MC, Local Remedy, to bring the fire on their track, “Smoke Signals”. We’ve got down-tempo dance vibes with Lae-based producer, Kes. And on this week’s ‘Klassic Kona’... we jump into our time machine vaka to head back to over a decade ago to hear a great hip hop flow from Fijian sista, MC Trey.

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