Pacific Break 20th June 2014 | Pacific Break

Pacific Break 20th June 2014

Pacific Break 20th June 2014

Updated 23 June 2014, 11:30 AEST

Exploring the best in Pacific sounds from right across Oceania. Namila Benson meets Vanuatu MC Local Remedy, and a classic track from a bamboo band in Bougainville.

What do you get when you team up a Vanuatu MC – Local Remedy – with PNG beatmaker, Bata Jakes? Well, what gets served up is food for the soul in the form of a great track, “Three meals”. Namila Benson speaks to Local Remedy about the ni-Van hip hop scene.

Also during the show, we hear some classic PacBreak ni-Van reggae; we find out what inspires the music of Samoan-Niuean musician, Baby Bone; and for this week’s ‘Klassic Kona’, get ready to shake some action when we revisit sounds from Bougainville’s Phylonasa Bamboo Band. Their music and harmonies soar - and the compelling percussion is made by hitting a pair of thongs on bamboo!


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