Pacific Break 30th May 2014 | Pacific Break

Pacific Break 30th May 2014

Pacific Break 30th May 2014

Updated 6 June 2014, 14:52 AEST

What do you know about Rapa Nui – apart from it being a land of majestic, ancient statues, the Moai?  The music made there might surprise you.

On Pacific Break this week we meet Rapa Nui carver, painter and musician – Yoyo Tuki, who talks the importance of maintaining and continuing his island’s culture and language through music.

We’ve got new music from a young Pohnpei performer, who gives us a taste of contemporary Micronesian reggae.

Fijian, Suva-based emerging hip hop artist, Young Davie, delivers some new  r’n’b-influenced sounds.

And for our ‘Klassic Kona’, we island-hop back in time and over to Papua New Guinea to hear a flashback from one PNG’s greatest musical exports – George Telek.

Are you a musician in the Pacific, or a Pacific music fan? Join us at our Pacific Break Facebook page and let us know what you think about the music on the show this week.  


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