ចំពោះ​ព័ត៌មាន​បន្ថែមអំពី​ការ​បិទ​​កម្មវិធី​ផ្សាយ​ចំនួន​៤​ភាសា​ ​សូម​មើល​ព័ត៌មាន​អំពី​ការ​ផ្លាស់​ប្ដូរ​យុទ្ធសាស្ដ្រ​ថ្មី​នៃ​អង្គភាព ABC International៖

កម្រង​កម្មវិធី​​​ភាសា​អង់គ្លេស​​សុទ្ធ​សាធ​ English Bites Series 8 (Advanced Learners)

កម្រង​កម្មវិធី​​​ភាសា​អង់គ្លេស​​សុទ្ធ​សាធ​ English Bites Series 8 (Advanced Learners)

Radio Australia English Bites Series 8

កម្រង​កម្មវិធី​​​ភាសា​អង់គ្លេស​​សុទ្ធ​សាធ​ English Bites Series 8 (Advanced Learners)

English Bites' uses current affairs or human interest stories from around Australia as the basis for English language learning (for advanced learners). You'll find the full list of available episodes from Series 8 of English Bites here.


មេរៀនទី 1 - Skiing

Learn about the word fall and what it means to have butterflies in your stomach with Faye.

មេរៀនទី 2 - Swimming

In this episode of English Bites you can learn a few things about English as Michelle learns to swim.

មេរៀនទី 3 - Motor Racing

In this episode of English Bites you will learn some words that mean to go fast.

មេរៀនទី 4 - Dolphin Swim

In this episode of English Bites you will learn some informal English as people enjoy swimming with dolphins.

មេរៀនទី 5 - Skydiving

Discover how thrilling English can be! Preeti is afraid of heights, so for her to go skydiving is a huge challenge.

មេរៀនទី 6 - Taronga Zoo

This story take us to Taronga zoo in Sydney with Priya. We'll look at phrases with the word close and what it means to pick and choose. First, what's Priya doing at the zoo?

មេរៀនទី 7 - Crabbing

This story is about catching crabs. We'll look at some irregular past tenses and some useful expressions.

មេរៀនទី 8 - Adelaide Cup

This story is about a horse race. We'll look at the tense you use to talk about an unspecified time in the past and what it means to 'dress up'.

មេរៀនទី 9 - Diving

This story is about diving on the Great Barrier Reef. We'll look at a couple of phrasal verbs, tell you what humungous means and show you some ways to make conversation.

មេរៀនទី 10 - Sailing

This story is about sailing on Sydney Harbour. We'll look at some useful expressions and when to use the present perfect tense.

មេរៀនទី 11 - Sovereign Hill

In this story Selby visits Sovereign Hill, a reconstruction of a 19th century Australian gold mining town that attracted many Chinese.

មេរៀនទី 12 - Girls Day Out

Discover more about the girliest day out with Raisa.

មេរៀនទី 13 - Meals On Wheels

This story is about Meals on Wheels, an organisation that provides free meals to old people. First, listen to Bhoom talking about what kind of work she will do for meals on wheels.

មេរៀនទី 14 - Didgeridoo

This story is about learning to play the didgeridoo. First listen to the way Rif uses the word 'want'.

មេរៀនទី 15 - Lawn Bowls

This story is about lawn bowls. Listen for what Sarj wants to be told about the game.

មេរៀនទី 16 - Surfing

This story is about learning to surf. First, listen to how Nimit uses the word 'should'.

មេរៀនទី 17 - Water Skiing

This story is about learning how to water ski. First, listen for the phrasal verb using 'hold'.

មេរៀនទី 18 - Christmas Pageant

This story is about a pageant or parade to celebrate Christmas. First, listen to Preeti talking about what will happen in the future.

មេរៀនទី 19 - Beach Volleyball

This story is about beach volleyball. First, listen to Raisa talking about playing the game.

មេរៀនទី 20 - Rock Climbing

This story is about rock climbing. Listen as Preeti talks about her climbing experience.

មេរៀនទី 21 - Grape Picking

This story is about grape picking. First, listen to Akki talk about where he's staying.

មេរៀនទី 22 - Radio Cars

Today we'll join Selby as he learns how to drive a radio controlled car. Listen for the way the instructor says how fast the cars go:

មេរៀនទី 23 - Animal Welfare League

This story is about finding homes for unwanted dogs and cats. First listen to how Michelle describes the animals at the shelter.

មេរៀនទី 24 - Crocodile Farm

In this story, Akki visits a wildlife park. First, listen for what Akki is going to do there.

មេរៀនទី 25 - Riding for Disabled

This story is about working with disabled children. First, listen to what Priya says about why she likes this work:

មេរៀនទី 26 - Beach Walk

In this story, Akki learns some things about Australian Aboriginal culture. First, listen to what Akki wants to do.