Bon Voyage: Jaik returns home to Rarotonga

Bon Voyage: Jaik returns home to Rarotonga

Bon Voyage: Jaik returns home to Rarotonga

Updated 21 November 2012, 14:06 AEST

After a busy week in Melbourne, Pacific Break 2012 winner Jaik Berg is back home in the Cook Islands.


18-year-old Jaik Berg from Rarotonga, Cook Islands, is the winner of Pacific Break 2012 - Radio Australia's search for the best unsigned musician in the Pacific.

As the winner, Jaik spent a week in Melbourne. He recorded some tracks in the Pacific Break studio. He performed live on air in for a standing-room only crowd at the ABC. And he also gave many, many interviews across radio, television and the web. 

But like all good things, his time in Melbourne also had to come to an end, and Jaik returned to Rarotonga early this week.

Listen to an overview of his journey, from entering his song, to finding out he was the winner and beyond.


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