Heather Jarvis

Heather Jarvis

Heather Jarvis

Heather Jarvis


Heather has worked in radio for 30 years, more than half of that time with Radio Australia specialising in the Asia Pacific region. She has a Masters degree in Development Studies and is passionate about sustainable development.  Heather’s broadcasting career has seen her report from, and host live broadcasts from countries around Asia, Africa and the Pacific. She is a keen sports fan and has enjoyed co-ordinating Radio Australia’s Beijing Olympics coverage, and reporting from the Pacific Games.


Guam Soccer Moms league 6 (Photo courtesy of Guam Football Association)

Guam Soccer Moms League promotes friendship, fun and fitness

Updated 10 April 2014, 10:44 AEST

There's no ladder and no finals series, but the Guam Football Association's Soccer Moms League scores high on encouraging women to play active sports.

Kilikiti bats

Samoan kilikiti cricket players display their skills in Melbourne

Updated 9 April 2014, 12:08 AEST

Melbourne is known as the sporting capital of Australia, and people are used to seeing all kinds of football, cricket and rugby matches taking place in their local parks.  But last weekend they were treated to a game of a different kind - Samoan kilikiti.

Local school children in the library (Photo: Philippa Robinson)

Bougainville Library wins New Zealand Design Awards

Updated 6 April 2014, 23:57 AEST

A library and cultural centre in Arawa, Bougainville has won two awards at the 2014 New Zealand Wood Timber Design Awards.

Pohnpei preschooler with coconut

Micronesian preschoolers learn the value of healthy local foods

Updated 4 April 2014, 17:44 AEST

Preschool children can be very fussy eaters, and parents can easily be tempted to reach for unhealthy packaged foods to fill their little ones' hungry tummies. But in Pohnpei, Micronesia, children as young as three years old are being taught the benefits of choosing local foods over imported processed foods.

Bougainville building wins top New Zealand design awards

Updated 27 March 2014, 19:04 AEST

A library and cultural centre in Arawa, Bougainville has won two awards at the 2014 New Zealand Wood Timber Design Awards.

Drying cocoa beans on Malekula

Australian chocolate makers link with Vanuatu farmers

21 March 2014, 13:08 AEST

Cocoa farmers in Vanuatu could benefit greatly from the growing international demand for high quality, premium chocolate.  

Nukutau Rokura Cook Islands

Good leadership a passion for young Cook Islands advocate

Updated 11 March 2014, 9:53 AEST

Nukutau Pokura is determined to use her skills and experience to help more young women into leadership roles.

Lucille Sain from Chuuk, FSM

Voices of young women need to be heard, says Micronesian youth leader

Updated 11 March 2014, 9:53 AEST

Youth leader and Red Cross volunteer Lucille Sain was inspired into leadership after she attending a national youth conference on her home island of Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Nukutau Rokura Cook Islands

Young voices, wise ideas: Meet the future of the Pacific

Updated 7 March 2014, 13:28 AEST

These ten inspiring young Pacific women know exactly what's need to change their communities, and they're not waiting around.

Daisy Alik-Momotaro and Yoshiko Yamaguchi

You inspire me: Pacific women working together to create change

Updated 7 March 2014, 9:46 AEST

Every day, women are working together to help create change in the world. Along the way, they are also changing each other's lives. Meet six inspiring women from the Pacific.

Young Niuean leader says education and awareness are the keys to change

Updated 13 February 2014, 11:30 AEST

Inangaro Vakaafi is determined to bring positive change to her community and country.  It's a passion she says was instilled in her at home.

Handcrafted Marshallese necklaces

Climate change impacts on women in Marshall Islands

Updated 13 February 2014, 9:43 AEST

The President of the Marshall Islands, Christopher Loeak recently called for world leaders to take stronger action on climate change in 2014.  But while high level climate change talks get international coverage, the impact on ordinary people, particularly women, doesn't normally make the headlines.

Etika Ve (Eve) Nagio PYWLA

Young Fiji rights advocate calls for 'awareness with respect'

Updated 7 February 2014, 11:55 AEST

Disablilty and human rights advocate Etika Ve (Eve) Nagio has probably faced more than her share of challenges and discrimination, but she's determined to make a difference.

Justina Fono Fationo PYWLA

Solomon Islands police officer says youth should be no barrier to leadership

5 February 2014, 9:10 AEST

Police officer Justina Fono Fationo doesn't accept the old argument that young people can't be leaders in their community.

Rural women's voices making news in Solomon Islands

Updated 31 January 2014, 12:05 AEST

In many Pacific countries the voices of women, and particularly rural women, have been largely absent from the mainstream media.  But in Solomon Islands the women's media organisation Vois Blong Mere is working to make their voices heard.

Vendors at Honiara Mere's Market Aug 2013

Women in Business making their mark in Solomon Islands

Updated 30 January 2014, 15:34 AEST

A women's business association in the Solomon Islands is going from strength to strength and having an impact beyond the business world.  It's a clear indication that women have both skills and ideas and are keen to develop and share them with the wider community.

Milikini Failautusi PYWLA

Young Tuvaluan leader challenges gender inequality

Updated 29 January 2014, 12:19 AEST

Young Tuvaluan activist Milikini Failautusi is forthright in speaking out about the unequal status of women in her country.

Marshall Islands' women support push for climate action

Updated 28 January 2014, 17:58 AEST

You may have read or heard about the impassioned message that the President of the Marshall Islands, Christopher Loeak, recently sent to the world about climate change.

Rita Norman from Wan Smol Bag Youth Centre Vanuatu

Don’t be afraid to take the first step, says young ni-Vanuatu leader

3 January 2014, 11:40 AEST

When Rita Norman finished high school, she had plans to study law.  But when school fee problems prevented that dream, she didn’t let it hold her back.

Tamara Kruzang Mandengat

Educate women for a better nation, says young Papua New Guinean leader

Updated 18 December 2013, 11:13 AEST

To young Papua New Guinean activist Tamara Kruzang Mandengat, education and self reliance are the keys to a better future.

Kaisarina Salesa from Samoa Law Reform Commission

Personal experience motivates young Samoan leader

Updated 17 December 2013, 10:13 AEST

When Kaisarina Salesa returned home to Samoa as a single mother-to-be, the discrimination she experienced inspired her to stand up for the rights of other young women facing similar situations.

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