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Planti pipol i protest arasait long PNG paliment

Planti pipol i protest arasait long PNG paliment

Planti pipol i protest arasait long PNG paliment

Updated 24 April 2012, 16:14 AEST

Protes bung blong ol tede i soim strong olsem Gavman blong Papua New Guinea imas go het iet wantaim jenral ileksin blong kantri long mun June.

Planti long ol skul na bisnis insait long Port Moresby i pas tede long singaut blong wanpela bikpela bung blong ol pipol, tasol dispela namba ino bikpela olsem ol ibin laik bungim.

Sampela grup, wantaim Trade Union Congress, ibin tok ol bai mas igo long paliment.

Tasol nogat, liklik namba blong ol pipol ibin bung igo long paliment long harim ol spika i tok aut igo long gavman long ileksin imas kamap iet long mun June.

Wanpela spika long dispela bung ibin tok - "Parliament does not have the power. Your power is up. Your power is up. Do not hold onto people's power."

ABC ripota long PNG, Firmin Nanol, i tokim Radio Australia ibin igat bikpela namba blong polis raun long siti.

"Police have been deployed, about 1000 personnel all throughout the city and possible avenues and areas where people can congregate, or march, towards the parliament," em i tok.

Tru Praim Minista Peter O'Neill ibin tok ileksin bai kamap long taim stret, planti pipol insait long kantri ino bilipim em.

Dipatment blong Foren Afeas na Tred blong australia i putim wanpela toksave pinis long ol pipol i tingting long trevel igo long kantri - travel advice for PNG.