Rugby Legends pilai i halvim laik blong PNG NRL

Rugby Legends pilai i halvim laik blong PNG NRL

Rugby Legends pilai i halvim laik blong PNG NRL

Updated 20 November 2012, 10:51 AEDT

Laik blong Papua New Guinea long joinim National Rugby League competition long Australia nau iwok long kamap strong, bihaenim sapot blong sampla biknem rugby league players husat ibin pilai long wikend.

Wanpla team em ol biknem Kumul players blong bifo ibin stap long en ibin winim wanpla rugby team blong Australia taem despla tupla saed ibin pilai long Port Moresby long Sande.

NRL ibin tokaut ino long taem igo pinis olsem em bai no nap larim ol narapla saed long go insaet long NRL nau inap long pinis blong 2014, long wonem emi laik strongim ol saed em oli stap long kompetisan nau.

Brad Tassell, chif egseketiv blong PNG NRL bid team, itok sampla rugby players blong Australia i gat laik long sapotim askim blong PNG long pilai long  Queensland Cup insaet long despla tupla yia ikam.

"It was a real eye-opener for a lot of those guys, as to not only the passion for NRL up here, but what the PNG NRL bid are doing to develop the game up here," he said.

"Guys such as Petero Civoniceva, who's taking up a role with the a huge supporter.

"Scott Sattler, as well, it was his first time up here, and he was blown away by the passion and the support - and also by the friendliness and the welcoming attitude that the Papua New Guineans had towards him and the Australians.

"So those sorts of key guys are great to have as ambassadors for our cause."

Mr Tassel itok emi gat strongpla bilip olsem wanpla rugby team blong PNG bai pilai long Queensland Cup long 2014, na despla bai halvim long putim PNG long NRL bihaen taem.