Samoa PM ino wanbel wantem Australia long sapotim Fiji.

Samoa PM ino wanbel wantem Australia long sapotim Fiji.

Samoa PM ino wanbel wantem Australia long sapotim Fiji.

Updated 15 January 2013, 18:49 AEDT

Praim Minista blong Samoa,Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi i tok despla draft mama loa emi bihaenim tingting na laik blong planti tausan ol Fiji pipal.

Praim Minista Tui'laepa Sailele itok despla pasin em Fiji intarim gavman ibin mekim i soim stret olsem emi nogat laik long holim ileksan long 2014.

Aste, Australian foran minista, Bob Carr ibin tokaut olsem emi luksave long as tingting blong militari gavman long brukim na rausim draft mama loa, long wonem em bai kamapim planti heve ken namel long ol kaen kaen pipal long Fiji.

Tasol Samoa Praim Minista itok emi no wanbel wantem despla kaen toktok blong Mr Carr.

Emi tokim Radio Australia olsem tingting na bilip blong Mr Carr olsem demokretik ileksan bai goi hed long Fiji long 2014 ino stret.

"When the draft constitution copies were burned, my suspicion was still there that all this is whitewash actions by the Bainimarama regime.

"They never had any intention of going along and having a general election."


Praim Minista Tuilaepa Sailele itok ol strongpla tambu em Australia na New Zealand ibin putim egensim Fiji ino wok gut na ino strong long mekim Fiji interim gavman long holim ol fri na fea ileksan.

Emi tok ol despla strongpla tambu i kamapim tasol planti heve long ol pipal blong Fiji.

mr Tuilaepa Sailele itok, Pacific ino wankaen olsem Afrika, we ol kaen tambu em oli putim egensim militari gavman ino nap kamapim bikpla heve long ol pipal blong Fiji.

"The Pacific should never be equated with Africa, where once a dictatorship has taken place the supporters of the dictatorship would roam the countryside terrorising and killing and raping.

"That is not the Pacific. In the Pacific people just go on living their own lifestyles."

'Mr Bainimarama istap we?'

Tasol Mr Tuilaepa itok taem i kamap pinis we ol narapla Pacific kantri imas askim ol strongpla askim igo long Fiji.

"We have our standing committee of foreign ministers and I think it is time now for the committee to pay another visit [to Fiji] and talk to the government and find out what the hell they're up to."

Praim Minista Sailele i sutim tu ol strongpla toktok egensim Fijian Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, na tok olsem em tasol ibin salim ol polis long kisim na bagarapim ol kopi blong dfart mama loa.

"Where is Bainimarama? Where is he hiding? That's the fellow who is needed at this time. What is evident is that he is hiding while pushing these boys to do his dirty work."