PNG opposisen bai jalensim no-confidens vout

PNG opposisen bai jalensim no-confidens vout

PNG opposisen bai jalensim no-confidens vout

Updated 6 February 2013, 15:32 AEDT

Lain Opposisen long Papua New Guinea ibin tok long jalensim senis long mama loa  long kot we nau i apim taim blong lukautim Praim Minista long noken bungim vout nogat-bilif.

Dispela senis  long mama loa ibin isi tru long kisim sapot  long namba tu taim  long palimen aste, we ibin skurukim taim em bai lukautim praim minista long 18  igo inap long 30 mun.

Dispela senis oli bin tok orait  long en  long palimen wantaim 9-pela ten memba i sapotim, na 14 tasol ino vout agensim.

Lida blong Opposisen Belden Namah ibin tok pati blong em nau bai salensim tru tru blong dispela senis.

"We will file a supreme court reference, because we have sited in that particular amendment that it was not done properly," he said.

"In that gazette notice they only plucked out the number 18 and inserted 30 - they did not say this is the current law and then put the proposed law.

"So from the start, they've breached the constitutional process."

Dispela vout nogat bilif isave kamap olgeta taim  long politik blong PNG,na Praim Minista Peter O'Neill ibin tok dispela senis bai stretim gut strong blong wok politik long kantri na larim gavaman long lukluk long bringim ol sevis na mekim ol polisi emi gat  long karim kaikai.

Mr Namah itok bikpela tingting long dispela senis em long holim Praim Minista Peter O'Neill istap olsem lida na dispela inap kamapim gavaman nogut.

"Today is a sad day in history," he said.

"The Opposition will fight for you without fear and favour by whatever legal means possible.

"If we are successful, which I believe through God's power, through divine intervention and the power of the constitution, when this law is repealed and we go back to the drawing table, the Prime Minister must resign - Peter O'Neill must resign."