New Radio Australia schedule

Our new schedule is now online. We have some great new shows and even more fantastic Australian music.  Some familiar programs have moved into new time slots but our much loved weekend coverage of the AFL and NRL remains.  We hope you enjoy our new lineup - your feedback is always welcome.


Ways to listen

Ol wei bilong Harim

Senisim ples we yu stap


Harim brodkas long nainpla strim blong mipela long midia pleia na harim ol progrem na stori taim yu daunlod long ol MP3.

Launch standalone player Olketa progrem taim Podkas

Local radio coverage

24 aua FM redio

Radio Australia I save kamap long ol FM frikuensi long wanem hap yu stap long en long Asia na Pasifik.

  • 101.9 FM, Port Moresby
  • 102.1, Lae

Patna brodkas redio

You can hear selected Radio Australia programs on local stations across Asia, the Pacific and beyond. Note: these relays are subject to change.

  • 107, Kalang Radio, Alotau
  • 107.7 FM, Kalang Radio, Boregoro
  • 100.8 FM, Kalang Radio, Buka
  • 107.1 FM, Kalang Radio, Dimodimo
  • 100.2 FM, Kalang Radio, Goroka
  • 107.5 FM, Kalang Radio, Horeatoa
  • 107.1 FM, Kalang Radio, Kainguma
  • 100.2 FM, Kalang Radio, Kavieng
  • 100.8 FM, Kalang Radio, Kimbe
  • 101 FM, Kalang Radio, Kundiawa
  • 100.3 FM, Kalang Radio, Lae
  • 100.3 FM, Kalang Radio, Lorengau
  • 100.8 FM, Kalang Radio, Madang


6c Pacific Beam
Modulation Format: 
Symbol rate: 
13.238 MS/ps
Controlled Access: 
No, smartcard not required
Any DVB-S compliant receiver


Blong harim mipela long sotwev yu mas gat wanpla spesol sotwev redio. Ol brodkas blong mipela i save kamap long gutpla taim long ol eria mipela brodkas long en na bai oli kamap long ol kain frikuensi. Long wanem hap yu harim long en, mipela ting yu mas yusim autsait erial blong kisim klia. Sampla taim sampla samting bai bagarapim sotwev brodkas, olsem ol komputa, maikrowev aven, TV, enjin blong kar na displa kain lait i gat longpla golo blong en.

Daunlod long sotwev frikuensi gaid bilong Asia na Pacific