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Established in 2001, Australia Network is Australia's international television service, broadcasting 24/7 to more than 46 countries across Asia and the Pacific. Alongside Radio Australia, Australia Network is part of the International division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Australia Network provides a television and digital service that informs, entertains and inspires with a uniquely Australian perspective.


On Australia Network, viewers can catch the latest regional news, update English language skills and tune in to the latest award-winning dramas, world class documentaries and unique and entertaining lifestyle programs. Live sports coverage and fun and educational children's programs for all ages round out a unique programming mix tailored to our regional audience.



You can stream Australia Network programs right from our website. Catch up with the latest news and current affairs, learn about Australian lifestyle and culture or practice your English with our wide range of English language learning programs.  Also view live programming from Australia on WatchNow Live.

Missed your favourite program on TV, you can also watch a great selection of Australian content, available for 14 days from broadcast, on our WatchNow Catch Up service.

Learn English

Australia Network offers a wide range of programs and resources for English language learners. Programs such as English Bites and Living English look at common language used in everyday situations, Study English will assist preparing you for IELTS, or you can learn about Australian culture and English at the same time with Ten Words About and Talkabout. Watch on TV, online or download the latest video podcast.

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