Tìm chỗ ở tại Australia

Tìm chỗ ở tại Australia

Tìm chỗ ở tại Australia

Đăng lúc 2 April 2012, 10:47 AEST

Đặt chân tới một thành phố hay một quốc gia mới, tìm chỗ ở có lẽ là việc đầu tiên bạn phải thực hiện.

Tìm chỗ ở tại Australia không khó khăn với trợ giúp của internet nhưng đôi khi ta cũng không tránh khỏi những trục trặc nhỏ.

Hong and her two young children migrated to Melbourne from Singapore recently. She has been living in a big house near her work and her children’s school since her arrival. She says she’s very happy with her place.

“I found the place online and called my friend in Melbourne to inspect the house. Then after she viewed the house, she told me everything is fine and it’s in good condition. And when I came to Melbourne, I went to see the agent.”

Hong says at first she didn’t feel comfortable about living in a house because in Singapore she always lived in apartments. But she wanted to have a big backyard for her kids to play in, so she talked to her colleagues-to-be in Melbourne and used online forums to find out which suburb would be a good place to raise a family.

The rental market can be quite competitive in some Australian cities. Real estate agents often require a good reference letter from your previous landlords, which can be difficult, if not impossible, for new migrants. Hong says the fact that she had a job offer from a local company helped a lot with her application.

Not everyone will opt for renting alone. Many people, particularly young professionals and students choose to share a place with others, just like Patrick O’Connell.

Patrick came from a country town in the state of New South Wales. He first went to Melbourne to study Industrial Design and stayed in the residential accommodation associated with the college he was attending. It was great fun, he says. Now as a young professional, the 24-year-old is sharing a five-bedroom, 120-year-old terrace with four others in the bustling inner suburb of North Melbourne and he says he couldn’t be happier.  

“There is Hamish, Telka and Suvrat. And I hadn’t met them before I moved in. They are just lovely people, all working professionals. We are all very relaxed and happy to do our own things but at the same time, a lot of time we spend time hanging out, whether it would be upstairs, outside, or on the balcony.”               

Patrick says like many other young people, he was attracted to sharing accommodation because it’s cheaper, has fewer restrictions and can be fun if you get along with other house mates.

“Getting a house yourself is a much more rigorous process that has to be done through a real estate agent, with a lot of paper documentation, not to mention it’s a much more lonely way to go about it. Going onto a website is a much quicker way to find a house.” 

Apart from houses and terraces, you will also find many other types of dwellings in Australia. Apartments, units and townhouses are also very popular with renters. As Hong and Patrick have suggested, it really pays off to do your homework on where you want to live and who you will live with, and it also helps to understand your responsibilities as a tenant or house mate. Once you’ve done that, you will enjoy wherever you live in your new hometown!

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